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Is it okay to root for the same contestant in two different talent shows?

Some 7-8 years ago Hungary’s iconic rock opera, István a király (Stephen the King) turned 25, and while the original singers had been performing it constantly, it was time for a brand new cast. Seeing the success of How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? and Any Dream Will Do public television decided to go against Megasztár, Hungary’s American Idol clone, and search for the new cast in a television show.

József Wunderlich was around 18 at that time. He was one of my two top picks for the lead role (eventually it went to my other top pick, and József got cast in a minor role). Here is a duet of my two top picks from the final of the Társulat. Pál Feke is Death, in black, József is Rudolf, is in white, and they are singing a song from the musical Elisabeth.

 At the time Pál Feke was an established musical actor in Hungary, and he took a great risk entering the competition, which he eventually won. József was freshly out of high school, a literal unknown. Now he has graduated from Hungary’s university of performing arts, theatre and film studies, and he has starred in numerous musical productions.

Yesterday was the final casting episode of the 5th season of X Faktor in Hungary. Wunderlich József was one of the contestants. Because of the TV channel’s outdated ideas about youtube, I can’t embed his performance, but you can watch it clicking here.

Can I just say I know who I want to win this year?

Hevel’s Coming Out


I have a serious statement to make. For a long time it has been painfully obvious that I am different. This feeling has recently intensified, and now it is time I publicly admit that I do not like Orange Is The New Black. At all. It very well might be that I am the only person with access to Netflix to not like that show.

The usual reaction I get when I tell people that. I don't like it is not unlike when I tell someone I'm not a Christian or that I'm gay. They usually try to convert me.

Unfortunatelly I think I'm beyond OITNB salvation. I usually skip posts about it on FB, but recently one of my FB froends posted that men are pissed off for men being misrepresented in the show. I really can't remember much of the men from the first six episodes, other than the weird counselor interested in Lesbian sex and the utterly boring Larry. (Is Larry his name?) I don't know if men are misrepresented or not, because they are barely present in my memories, but aren't men and women usually misrepresented in television? And since this is a show with prison inmate women POV the men are like the way the characters see them.

One of my friends thinks that there are just not enough men on the show for my liking. That might be true, and even those, as I said above, are forgettable enough to me that I remember better what cookbook Piper and her boyfriend have than hat her boyfriend is called. (Larry, right?)

I have to say the highlight of my viewing experience was Captain Janeway Red's initial story. Though even then I thought that the story was enough for ten minutes less than the length of the episode. I did get that feeling on most every episode, though, so I decided to go back to Leverage. Or Warehouse 13. Or Falling Skies.

As an aside, as I was looking for a picture for this post, this is what appeared on my screen, multiple times:




Five Favourites



1. Castle is back! Oh my gosh, I couldn’t wait to find out what Kate would say! And now I’m loving the most recent twist. I have a spoilerish theory. (If you are reading my blog just highlight the text to read it. If you read a feed, skip the next paragraph if you don’t want to know.)

What if this really is the last season and from now on they take on a format like 24 and Castle really dies at the end of the day? Not very likely, because there is always a way to ditch death for him and Kate, but hey, it could be interesting. 

So Castle aired Monday evening in the US, but because of various reasons I had to wait to see it. This morning Kevin and I were surprised by Bella and Nirel with breakfast in bed, so I got to watch Castle while eating the best omelette in town.

2. Look at the new Kindle Fire Family!  The “old” Kindle Fire HD now costs the same as a Paperwhite. Nathan, if you are reading this and still wonder what to bring back, I think that’s a pretty good deal. Not that I have ever had a Kindle Fire. I’d be tempted to get one only to get this case.

As I said I never had a Kindle Fire, and only briefly saw one, because the only person in the family who has one is one of our soldiers, and he usually doesn’t use it when he is home, but they use Android and I love Android. Actually since I upgraded to iOS7 my affection for Android has increased. So I’m sure Kindle Fires are great. And they have cute covers!

3.  Jo Nesbø. I started reading one of his Harry Hole novels to fill the gap between finishing the fourth Nikki Heat novel and the publication of Deadly Heat. Boy, I fell in love with the Harry Hole books, too! Reading Norwegian crime novels sits really well with loving Swedish and Danish crime shows and Wallander! Between those two series and all the new-to-me Derrick Storm books, I am set till at least Pesach.

4. There is a 50% sale on Malmö 2013 items at the Eurovisionshop! Buying a hoodie, a lanyard and a few Israel related items… I can’t wait for the Denmark 2014 things.

5. Educating my kids at home. It has been easier so far than I thought, and my kids seem to actually like to learn things. Some of them learn better in blocks, and are halfway through a certain subject for this year just by doing the work for “fun”.  Part of their education included Star Trek: Into Darkness. Don’t ask. But they are writing essays.


I’ve Been Watching TV

  • The Bridge. There might be spoilers. But why is Frye still alive if they are still copying dialogue and gestures 11 episodes into the series? Shouldn't he be, you know, dead for like 4 episodes? A big positive was not keeping a certain character alive that also died in the original series. I wonder what else the US show has for the last two episodes of the season. I liked the turn Charlotte's character took, and I think season two, if it will happen, and not be a carbon copy of the original, will hold some promise.
  • Bron/Broen, the Swedish-Danish original of The Bridge is returning tomorrow or the day after tomorrow with season 2. I expect I will have to wait a few days for English or Hungarian subtitles. I can hardly wait.
  • The Hungarian X Faktor casting shows are entertaining. I love the fact that the former head of the National Theatre, a well known actor, director and Hungarian voice of Noah Wyle is one of the new mentors. There have been some fun contestants: runner up of The local knock off of Britain's Got Talent, a soap opera star,countless people who have never heard themselves sing, returning contestants who didn't make the live shows in previous years and a guy who did make the live shows in the Romanian X Factor. He is ethnic Hungarian, and is trying himslef in Hungary this year.
  • Castle is returning this week, too! That leaves me a few daysto finish the fifth Nikki Heat book before I find out how Kate answered Castle's question!
  • My kids would probably prefer if our History curriculum followed the programming of the History Channel.


The Bridge


The BridgeAfter all my shows went on summer breaks, I needed to add something to the TV list. It ended up being “The Bridge”. Three episodes into the first season I can say it is a show that shouldn't even exist! This series is the American remake of the Swedish-Danish coproduction “Bron/Broen” that I just loved. While the Scandinavians are working on season two, FX decided that instead of buying the original and showing it with the BBC subtitles, they will go the same route as American television has gone with “The Office”, “Queer as Folk” and “The Killing”, and just make an American version.

Based on the first three episodes the show is 85% carbon copy of he original, down to the dialogue being identical to a fan sub, the gestures of the characters, the hues and the decorations, with the exception that the original has better acting and a slightly more believable premise. You see, Denmark and Sweden are both Schengen countries, thus there is free travel between the two countries, with not even a passport check. The two languages are also mutually intelligible to ingabitants of the region where the series takes place, so there is no confusion whenit comes to one of the characters starting to randomly speak a language thatnthey normally wouldn't in real life.

There is only a slight change when it comes to the back story of the millionaire dying in the beginning, and the immigrant topic gets a littleTexMex flavour. Heck, even the journalist was a lot cuter in the original!


In the original series the last victim of the mysterious killer is the son of the Danish detective. Saga is only a few minutes late to save him. I have a suspicion that Gus, the son of the Mexican detective replacing the Danish guy, will be rescued in the last minute. If that happens, I'll stop watching all together. Till then, I guess I'll keep watching “The Bridge” as it is still better than most summer replacement shows Americans come up with.

September should come quickly, when the second season of “Bron/Broen” was promised to air in Sweden and Denmark.


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