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Based on previous years’ experience, today being Good Friday, there will not be a 7 Quick Takes link up. So, as usual, my Passover related Quick Takes will be even more invisible than normally. 🙂

— 1 —

Passover, or Pesach, began on Monday evening with the Passover Seder. Sefer means “order” and it refers to the order of events during this one specific celebration. I’d like to point out that “Christian” Seders held on any date other than teh first or second nights of Passover are model Seders at best: the date of the Seder is just as strictly defined as the date of the whole festival. Exodus 13:8 tells us this date. In the Diaspora Jews usually have two Seders and Passover lasts 8 days, in Israel there is one Seder and Passover lasts a week.

This year my parents visited one of my brothers for Seder, and we ended up hosting Kevin’s (Christian) parents and brother’s family, my twin brother’s family and my little brother’s family for the Seder. We kept it sweet and short(ish), with the kids getting tired, and to be honest, I don’t think our non-Jewish family got much out of our Haggadah reading, but everyone seemed to have fun.

— 2 —

Those of you who have read here for a while know that Passover is a very challenging festival for me, because I hate matzah. I love egg matzah, but unfortunately it’s not really acceptable in Ashkenazi circles. I try to eat several small pieces every day, as it’s a mitzvah, but I generally try to avoid matzah and matzah meal in most meals. So I made a veal roast with vegetables and mashed potatoes for lunch, which I will brag about in my new cooking blog, My Gay Kitchen. No, I didn’t buy the domain, and no, I don’t expect it to last much longer than my previous cooking blogs. But maybe.

— 3 —

Tuesday night Kevin and I had dinner with some of his former colleagues. It was a lovely meal, and I had a blast. One of his colleagues works for a magazine that deals with the supernatural, UFO sightings, and conspiracy theories. He is on the payroll as a translator, but when they don’t have enough stories to fill the magazine, sometimes he has to write some. He shared some of tge things he had translated/written, and I have to admit that the dust in the wir interpreted as plasma spheres are pretty believable compared to some of the things these magazines publish. Did you know that not only is Elvis alive, but he is financing Obama? Yeah, me neither.

That reminds me, if creationists want equal air time for their pseudo-science, I demand TBN show The Cosmos–both the original and the new one!

— 4 —

How my world changed! I can barely remember the last Harel Skaat concert I went to….

The last few shows I actually bought tickets for someone else ended up going. I really hope we can go sometime soon. I am still a fan. 🙂

— 5 —

I am making coasters for a fundraiser! I’m really excited, because it’s benefitting new immigrants! The money raised will be used to provide services for elementary school aged olim, who normally receive no language and other school support in their new communities. I only need to make 100 more!

— 6 —

 Since I discovered Warehouse 13, making those 100 coasters shouldn’t be that big a problem. I can make three or four during an episode, and there are several seasons… Why didn’t I know about this show before? I have been discovering shows like that, shows that I should have been watching and I didn’t even know it existed! I really am living under a rock! I still haven’t seen Oblivion, either. I don’t want to see Noah, to be honest, but apparently there are some good films out now. So recommend me something to watch… and to read. I am currently not reading anything.

— 7 —

As I said, Jen is not hosting the 7 Quick Takes this week, but Jen (not the same Jen) posted some, as well as the Priest’s Wife. Go check their posts. 🙂


Chag Sameach! Happy Passover!


pesachFor more Dry Bones goodness (and a new Passover cartoon), please click here.


Seder eve


All around the world tonight Jewish families sit down by nicely decorated tables to celebrate Passover. Today is the evening of Passover Seder. The read the Haggadah together, and the youngest child asks four questions. They eat matzah, drink wine, and fulfill the commandment to tell our sons about the Jews’ deliverance from slavery. The children look for the afikoman, a piece of matzah that the parents carefully hide. Last year I tricked my kids by putting the afikoman in the matzah basket under all the other matzah. It took them an hour to find it!

Photo from Facebook

Just having the passover china on the table, with the special Seder plates in the middle, the neatly printed Haggadahs by the utensils evoke feelings of specialness. The china and silver we only use once a year, is my favourite. It brings in a feeling of spring. The daisies on the edge, the bright yellow of the porcelaine always reminds me of the revival of nature. For me, the Passover Seder is the true beginning of spring.

The word seder means order in Hebrew.  During the Seder meal, we follow a certain pattern, or order, with our questions, story telling, and eating. The Haggadah guides us through this. You can download a Haggadah here for free.


Happy Passover!


Get more Matzah at ChaiSpace!

So Pesach, or as English speakers call it, Passover is here. And with that comes… matzah (or matzo).

Now one thing about the traditional, hard matzah that we, Ashkenazi Jews eat is that it’s like eating cardboard that can scrach your mouth. Matzah and I are not good friends, and beyond the once a year encounter we have I am happy without it.

Unless, of course, it’s a soft matzah.  In which case I’m willing to eat it throughout Passover, not only during the Seder.

Now click the image above to see how crunchy that matzah is, and play with the image below to check if you know the order of the Seder.


A proper Seder post to follow.

Get your own Seder Plate at ChaiSpace!

Monday Madness

  • Kids were rather grumpy about having to go to school today when they have a baby sister they could have played with. I can totally understand that. 
  • Paperwork for said baby sister is overwhelming. It would be so much easier if we had decided to make her Irish rather than American.
  • In between taking muffins and juice to said baby sister’s mother for breakfast and taking her some home made soup for lunch today, I had several lab and imaging appointments, with a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon, and two more tomorrow, as I’m preparing for yet another procedure requiring an extended hospital stay.
  • That extended hospital stay means that I am doing laundry a lot more now: for  myself, and because of the season changes I am washing the summer clothes for the kids, and slowly switching out their wardrobes.
  • I often get amazed by what events get their own promos on Amazon. There are several for Easter, of course. There is one for April Fool’s. None for Passover. Actually, the closest I found to Passover is this one:

    And then I had to make an effort to make the connection withcleaning the chametz (levened foods) out of the house before the holiday. Amazon, you really could have put a little more effort in pleasing your Jewish buyers. Anyway, the chametz is mostly gone from my home, the matzah is purchased, and several bottles of wine for Seder are neatly hidden in the cupboard.

  • And now mentioning Amazon, I have two new books: a cookbook for kosher slowcooker recipes and Passover Made Easy. My only problem is the American measurements, but I’ll make it work.
  • The official video for ByeAlex’s song “Kedvesem” (the Zoohacker remix) debuted yesterday. It gave me a headache and a slight nausea with the text moving on the screen. 🙁 I still love the song, but won’t watch that video again. Maybe it’s better on TV, it made me disoriented watching it on YouTube. So I’m not linking it.
  • 1 Samuel 18:1And it came to pass, when he had made an end of speaking unto Saul, that the soul of Jonathan was knit with the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul. 18:2And Saul took him that day, and would let him go no more home to his father’s house. 18:3Then Jonathan made a covenant with David, because he loved him as his own soul.
  • Why isn’t it this easy to come up with 7 Quick Takes on Fridays?

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