Random Thoughts

  • I’m gonna do a couch to 5K program. Day 1: Buy a couch. 
  • Oh my gosh, Harel Skaat is in the way of Sandy. Of course he has to be in Boston when Sandy is expected come. There is photographic evidence that he is being blown away. Normally hotlinking is bad, but I am not making Santa’s nice list today.
  • We had the first rain a few days ago. I loved it! 
  • End of eating fresh fruit, fresh veggies and fast food season for me for a while. 
  • That said, I’m quite enjoying being able to eat lunch with Nathan. 🙂 
  • There was a very cute picture of Mr. Skaat on FB the other day, with glasses. 
  • Have you read my post about why I prefer Purim to Halloween? If not, this might be a good time to do it. 
  • Have you guys seen the Holiday Toy List on Amazon? The other day I had a lot of fun just looking at Legos and Pay Doh. 
  • Eyes Wide Open, one of my favourite Israeli films is going to be playing in Budapest at the Puskin Cinema on November 16. I hope my friends can go. 

More whirlwind news

  • Hungarian president János Áder (not much better than the previous one, hopefully he didn’t plagiarize his dissertation) is in Israel–the West Bank–now. 
  • László Csatáry was finally arrested for his war crimes.
  • Kadima announced that they are leaving the coalition. I’m still not happy with them ever joining. 
  • Blurb.com wants me to get married as evidenced by this email:

    Do I take it as a sign? The big pickle jar is almost empty: since I don’t work, we have reached inside it quite a lot, but not to put money in… just the opposite. Oh, I never posted about the pickle jar? It’s money I’m saving for my big fat gay wedding to be able to hire Harel Skaat to sing something prettyful, like Nishba
  • Please check out this blog, and consider spreading the word of the need this family has to bring home a waiting child. They are in need of $8000, and they are not planning a family vacation, a surprise additional child, dentist appointments or a stop in London on the way back: they are adopting an HIV+ child, and currently have several fun fundraisers. 
  • Hell’s Kitchen season 10 is getting more and more interesting. 
  •  Yesterday we had guests! I might actually write a regular post about it, but first I have to clean up the grill before I can blog more. 🙂

Sunday's Silly Seven

  1. Harel Skaat needs to fire his hairdresser and get a new one. No, really. What was his stylist thinking??? OK, so I know he is a singer and gay, and all that, but that all won’t excuse this newest weird hairdo. I hope it grows back before his next theatre show.
  2. Also. Lip synching when you are sick is okay. It really is.
  3. Only 15 more likes needed for our Facebook page to give away another set of bottle cap beauties. Go, like us. 🙂
  4. Oh my gosh, Jack Daniel’s BBQ sauce is awesomer than awesome. No, they are not paying me for this sentence, but I just so wish I had about a gazillion more bottles. To be honest, no one pays me for anything on this blog, and I don’t even have link exchanges.
  5. I miss having a kitchen to play with. There is a small grill and a microwave I can use now, and I keep making brownies in a mug. Or rather, brownies in a beer stein.
    4 Tbs. flour
    4 Tbs. sugar
    2 Tbs. Dutch cocoa powder
    1 medium size egg
    3 Tbs.milk, 2.8% worked best for us
    3 Tbs. sunflower/corn oil. When using sunflower, make sure it’s refined. Virgin tastes quite bad.
    3 Tbs. chocolate chopped or chocolate chips (we found that mixing different types of chocolate worked best, especially if it involved Toblerone)

    1 large mug. We ended up using the pint sized beer “mugs”

    Mix the ingredients as well as you can. We used a stick mixer. Then throw the whole thing in the microwave for 3-5 minutes. Keep an eye on it, when the cake starts to rise out of the mug and hit the top of the microwave it’s usually done.

  6. Bagrut season is once again upon us. This time I have three kids taking exams: Yonah in Haifa and Noah and Nirel in TA. Nirel is not graduating yet, though. So it’s a busy few weeks.
  7. Please, someone tell me, if “Fringe” renewed for the 5th season? Is it going to be a short one? A full one?

Passover highlights


The best things about Passover this year:

  1. Kids are off school.
  2. All of them, including all the soldiers are home.
  3. 75 Kinder surprise eggs revealed Sunday morning. No connection to Easter, just this is the morning when I have all the kids home. And then 75  eggs aren’t that much if you consider that all the kids are home.
  4. Matzah with date syrup. I quite like it that way. As in I’m willing to try it every year.
  5. Matzah ball soup.
  6. Kosher for Passover Coca Cola.
  7. Radishes.
  8. Kids are off school.

Quick updates


The last few days my updates were lacking, so here is a make up post.

  1. My “grandson” turned one on the 26th. Because of so many of us not being home for it, he only had a quiet celebration, and his big birthday party will be on Saturday, when all his uncles and grandpas will be home. 😀
  2. Yonah is having a blast in Canada. They made a quick trip to Seattle the other day and it was great, they say. He still prefers Aroma to Starbucks, though.
  3. Ankle is improving.
  4. Yesterday was the Day of The Mystery Tulips. Someone left some tulips and chocolate for me, and no one knew who he was. All I was told he was a very handsome man of cca. 25-30 years, with dark hair, dark eyes, and very pretty face. I eventually found out and I was very pleased with myself. 🙂 He didn’t make it easy!
  5. Got some items donated for my giveaway by wonderful people. 😀 Yay!
  6. Yesterday two more copies of Harel Skaat’s new CD landed on my lap, quite literally. 🙂 It seems yesterday was CD delivery day, because I wasn’t the only one to get them, and then Kevin’s order of classical music arrived as well. Oh, and Yonah found some discounted CD’s in Vancouver that he bought as well. Music day!
  7. Had appointments set up with the psychiatrist, neurologist, clinical speech therapist and pain management specialist.

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