A Song for the Afternoon


Good Morning Song March 23


Kfir Epstein Picspam


Because Andi still thinks that Kfir Epstein looks like Hungarian singer Császár El?d (aka Shane 54), I needed to post proof that she is WRONG.

Daily Song


Andi and I are watching Megasztár, an Idol-like Hungarian talent show, a few thousand kilometers from each other. As it’s the second casting episode, every once in a while we have to just reach for some good music. Here is this girl singing, with a sob story how she had to sell her cell phone to be able to come to Budapest for the casting. And… she is accompanied by her mother. You can’t buy two return tickets from her hometown to Budapest from a used cell’s value. Unless it was some fairly new smart phone, in which case I have a problem with her woe is me story. OK, she can sing.

So at the request of Andi, let’s listen to some Kfir Epstein tonight!

Kfir Epstein


I just packed his CD’s in Yonah’s moving box. You can listen to his second CD here.

És nem úgy néz ki, mint Császár El?d, OK??? Just sayin’.

See? Nothing like Shane 54. No matter what Andi says based on this album cover:

He is a lot more talented, handsome and younger than the Hungarian musician. Oh and Kfir Epstein has run over and killed less Hungarian policemen while under the influence of drugs than Császár did.

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