7 Quick Takes


1. There is a fundraiser for an adoption that I’d like to recommend. This family is travelling in 5 weeks to Serbia to adopt their third son from there, making him their fourth child with Down Syndrome. They have an awesome piece of art and some other goodies, and the fundraiser is taking part through Project Hopeful.

You can win this beautiful, created just for this fundraiser picture:

Family Drawing Post 3

It’s the ASL sign for family. What better art to display in your family home?

ETA:  A new Kindle is added as part of a separate fundraiser.

2. I might have to stop being a Harel Skaat fanboy. He no longer needs glasses. I mean… He looks so cute with glasses!

You see? He is very cute with glasses! However, I understand that he went the surgery route: I’d give anything not to have to find my glasses and the speech processor each morning before i can see and hear.

The English translation of this classic song, “How Shall I Bless Him?” can be found here.

3.  I can’t believe that I haven’t watched any of the Kdam shows live this year yet! I will make sure to watch the final! I did record them and watched the quarter finals, and I have some preferences about who we should send to Eurovision this year. I hope we can pick someone who can make it to the final this year! The Hungarian selections are going well, too. In addition to it being entertaining, I love the ESC because it gives a glimpse of other countries’ music scene. Now most of the national shows are available live online, or on YouTube afterwards, and then the contest itself showcases 40+ countries, It’s quite awesome to listen to music from Ukraine to Macedonia to Ireland!

4. Before the Eurovision Song Contest there will be another big international popularity contest, aka the conclave. Today is the first day in 700ish years that the world has a retired pope. I find it funny that bets can be made for the next pope the same way as for Championship League winners and Oscar recipients.

At the same time, it seems that not only are we without a pope now, there is one less active clergy in the family as well. Oh well. It’s only temporary. My cousin ended up having to raise his nieces and nephews, who are many, and decided to request a leave of absence from the parish to sort some things out in the next few months, as he couldn’t carry out all his duties at once. I am not sure how that works, but he is now back in our hometown with the kids.

5. I finished watching Camelot.  I so wish there had been a season two. I love the whole Arthurian legend, I love Joseph Fiennes, and I love a Merlin, who is not Arthur’s buddy. Not that I don’t like Merlin, it’s just a nice break to get the manipulative, adult Merlin. I also started to re-watch Stargate: Universe. I wish we had a proper closure for that show.

6. Kevin is starting his new job, out of town, today. Actually, he is starting with his day off. 🙂 This should make things more interesting as he is still the only driver in our home now. My wrist is still not healed, and it will be weeks or months before I can drive again.

7. Shabbat Shalom.


The Registry


It has been a few weeks now that Kevin and I have been discussing our relationship. It has been hard for me to find the apropriate word to describe who Kevin is to me, and when I just asked him once how I should refer to him in an email, he said that we should get married. Now is the time, and we shouldn’t wait too much longer. So we checked out marriage options in New York and Ontario, and I have been hunting for cheap tickets and accomodations. Very cheap. We do have two big expenses to pay for before we can consider saving for the overseas trip.

A friend of mine suggested to do a fundraiser for our wedding. That suggestion mortified me! Why would I aks others to pay for my wedding? If I can’t afford getting married then, well, I won’t. Then setting up a wedding gift registry was suggested, and while it felt weird to do, this morning Kevin and I decided to create one. We filled out our data and then sat there and just laughed. We had no idea what to put on it! We have been a family for over ten years. We are in our fourth home that we share. We don’t need blender (we have 3), china, silverwear, monogrammed towels or a set of pots. We don’t use bath robes, have bath mats, picnic baskets and Shabbat candle holders. We don’t need things, and what we want is not apropriate for a gift registry. Instant Starbucks coffee and e-books would raise eyebrows.

To be completely honest, I also feel like having a gift registry is pointless when most of my friends consider gay marriage the second most evil thing after Obamacare on the face of the earth. At best they will ignore the fact that Kevin and I are getting married. I know some of them will actually voice their opinions. It’s okay. While it hurts, they have the right to do so. (I might just keep those comment in moderation indefinitely.)

So, we won’t have a wedding gift registry. Nothing I have dreamt of for years will be happening. But it’s okay. Dreams have always been just that: dreams.

I know he loves me…


I know he loves me when….

  • he brings me pickled herrings.
  • he eats his risotto from his soup bowl, so there is one less dish to wash.
  • he comes to Harel Skaat concerts with me.
  • he makes coffee and uses the Starbucks mugs.
  • he throws me into the pool.
  • he wakes up before me and lets me sleep.
  • he kisses and caresses my body all over.
  • he watches the silly talent shows with me.
  • he dances with me.
  • we make love.
  • we sleep holding each other.


10 years


10 years ago today our official life together began, when Kevin and I decided to live together.

10 years.

Belgium looks more and more inviting.

And this was true over ten years ago, 16 months ago and today.

The sand is hot under my feet. Kissing his neck, his skin tastes like the sea. The salty drops of water burn my chapped lips as water flows from our wet hair. I bury my fingers in his red curls, publicly displaying affection a few feet from the ocean. I’m head over heels in love in the California sunshine.

8 years pass, and we stand on the beach in the rain, looking over the Mediterranean Sea. Holding onto his arm I’m leaning against him for support. Water flows from our wet hair as I inhale his scent. I’m head over heels in love in the Israeli winter.

16 more months, sharing the same beach chair, we watch the broadcast of the fireworks from Budapest. I’m resting my head on his shoulder, inhaling his scent mixed with the chlorine from the pool. I’m head over heels in love, still, on this Israeli night.

Still on Holiday. :)


OK, the migraine is a little less bothersome now. After 2l of water and about the same amount of home made raspberry lemonade and a McDonald’s meal I’m feeling alive again. Thank goodness.

So today is another awfully lazy day, just hanging out in our room. To be honest, I’m still not feeling well, and I think I totally overdid it the last few days. I tend to do just that: I hardly ever recognise my limits till it’s too late. As soon as I have the ability to do something I want to do everything… and it doesn’t work well that way. After so long, I just crash, and it’s a perfect time for depression to take over, because in my own eyes, once again, I fail.

I fail at being “normal”. I fail at what I think I should be able to do. I keep comparing myself to others, instead of comparing where I am to where I was just a few weeks (and months and years) ago.  Or if I compare myself to myself, I compare myself to my 18-year-old self, strong, healthy, determined. Of course I get depressed.

Maybe not today. I just climb into bed with my lover, to snuggle and talk and feel safe in his arms, and just enjoy that I have him, his love. I’m just the most fortunate man on earth.

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