Five for the Weekend – Week 6


1. Yes, I missed week 5. I was abroad, and there were too many things to do and too little time. It was also the beginning of birthdaypartygate, and all I could have posted at that time was rants at anti vaxers. And rants about governments. And rants about elections. And generally just rants. I like to save those for Facebook and my poor friends.

2. On Thursday the former Chief Rabbi of Hungary, József Schweitzer passed away. I was not going to go to synagogue yesterday, but I decided to do it, to be among those reciting the kaddish for him. I always enjoyed his lectures and classes that he taught for various schools and organizations, and I really, really looked up to him. He will be missed by many. May his memory be a blessing.

3. My kids discovered Frozen. Their aunt gave them a DVD while I was away, and now… Nothing. Based on everyone’s description of Let It Go taking their lives over, I fully expected my girls going crazy over Frozen. Didn’t happen.Yeah, Shiri likes to watch it once every few days. Watching is an exaggeration: she puts it on in the girls’ bedroom for background noise to do homework, or read, or draw, or something. Oh, and there is a new Elsa sticker on her sticker door. I have to admit, some of those tunes are catchy.

4. You know what other tunes are catchy? Ivri Lider’s new album! I had pre-ordered it, and it finally became available for download this week. Can you guess what I’ve been listening to?

I am so happy for this album. Some songs are already permanently logged in my brain. Now if only Mr. Skaat hurried up with his new album!

5. Guess what I got? I got some awesome patterns from my friend Shellie from PlanetJune! She bought me the complete cat set of patterns. I’m starting to make a rainbow cat. Of course the yarn is not the correct weight, so we shall see what happens. Planet June has awesome patterns! I haven’t crocheted much since a problem with my wrist a few weeks ago, so I will need some time to get back into practice!

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Ivri Lider Birthday


Happy 40th birthday to Ivri Lider!

Singer, songwriter, performer, X Factor mentor, gay icon Ivri Lider singing his song “LaRega Katan”, “For a Brief Moment”, otherwise known as the shoulder song. 😀

He is another proof that life doesn’t end at 30, even if you are a gay icon: His best work, in my opinion, has been his two latest albums.

7 Quick Takes Friday


— 1 —

One of the orphanages in Belgrade, Serbia is doing their best to provide for the children in their care. They have set up therapy rooms, hired professionals, and are working hard on transforming their facility. One of their needs is Z-vibes. Mary from Cherish Our Children International is traveling to Serbia in about two weeks, taking the much needed equipment. The orphanage will pay for customs fees, so if you feel like donating something, you can use this wishlist: COCI wishlist for Z-Vibes for Serbian Orphans. It includes my affiliate link, whatever advertising fees I might make from this link will go back to purchasing some more sensory toys.

— 2 —

I finished reading a book, a real paper one. On Monday, after getting back to Budapest with Nirel, this time for business, I met some people at a bookstore. While I was waiting for them I browsed the science fictionand fantasy shelves, and realised that Sergei Lukyanenko had a newish book available from his Night Watch series.

This book is the sixth in a series, four written by Lukyanenko alone, one in cooperation with another writer, who also wrote a complete book for he series. It’s urban fantasy at its finest. If you ever wondered what Harry Potter would be like if they were in Russia, were all Muggle born, discovered to be wizards as adults and had access to alcohol and cigarettes, here is the answer. Lukyanenko’s world of the Others is fascinating, and even now he can add excitement and new twists. Gosh, it was an awesome read. The English translation is available here.

— 3 —

New chocolate bar love! 6:3 is like Sport, except a bit better. It’s new, and it being really freshly out of the factory can contribute to its success. The wrapper is awesome, depicting a footballer at that long ago football match when Hungary beat England 6 to 3. This happened on November 25, 1953. The wrapper also lists the names of all those who scored goals for Hungary. My dad remembers listening to this game on the radio when he was six years old, a first grade pupil in Hungary.

I bought some of this for a friend, but ended up eating them. Now I have to go chocolate shopping

— 4 —

Today is the first day of a three-day-long chocolate and sweets festival. This is why Nirel wanted to come! We will be here till Sunday morning, so I got him passes to attend. He is extremely happy.

— 5 —

Being in Hungary we are missing the first half of Sukkot, the feast of the Tabernacles at home. Since I’m not home, Kevin decided to make this a real camping experience for the crowd at home, and they are camping till Sunday near Tzfat. I got to talk to some of them yesterday, and it seems they are having a blast hiking, running around and really doing things outside the house. My brother Chalin and his family joined our crowd for this adventure. Some of our kids are with their other families, but everyone is coming home on Sunday.

— 6 —

Yesterday Nirel and I found some fun signs at one of the malls.

2013-09-19 12.27.052013-09-19 12.27.17

These are absolutely not vintage, or something that has ever been displayed anywhere in the city. But they are fun. No, we didn’t buy any of them.

— 7 —

Earlier this week I posted a song, that I’m re-posting below. It’s by Ivri Lider, and it’s titled Rosh Bakir, “Head Against the Wall” in English. It’s from his album Mishehu Paam (Somebody Once) that is, I think, his best album to date.  I love this song so much.

It really, really fits my mood these days.

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Five Favourites



1. I’m home! After being gone five and a half months, my biggest favourite for the week is being with my family, in my home, and adjusting to normal. This normal, however, is different, a new normal. Many things have changed in the nearly half year that I was absent from my family’s life, and not only the bedroom arrangements and wall colours. But it’s home. It’s eating together, it’s reading books to my children, it’s a dog always under foot, and two aloof cats ruling us all. It’s bento boxes to prepare, it’s curly hair to comb, it’s worrying about what happens when the USA strikes Syria, it’s baking honey cakes together with my children, it’s home.

2. Rosh HaShana! The Jewish New Year, 5774, begins tonight! Shana Tova! May you be inscribed for a good year!

3. With Rosh HaShanah come sweet things. Currently I’m very much in love with honey. And apples. One of the traditional foods of this holiday is apple slices dipped in honey. We already started snacking on them.

4. The nullification of vows. This morning we went to synagogue as a family, and it was a great service. We will be back for an Erev Rosh Hashanah service in the evening, after dinner. It was so nice to reconnect with the community, and be able to participate in hatarat nedarim. In this little ceremony, some vows that we couldn’t fulfill, but at the time of making them couldn’t know we wouldn’t be able to fulfill, are nullified, so we don’t start the new year and go to the day of atonement with the sin of unfulfilled vows.

5. Ivri Lider. After the concert on Saturday, I’m still on an Ivri Lider high.

Ivri Lider Live in Budapest


I have to say that Hungary is doing a great job to prep me for my return to home. After returning from Poland, this is the view that welcomed me at the Grand Market Hall:

044Yesterday evening Israeli pop star Ivri Lider had a concert in Budapest as part of the Jewish Summer Festival. I have been to a few of his concerts back home, and can’t wait to watch all the X Factor episodes I missed, plainly because he is a mentor! Ivri Lider is generally awesome, and he can sing, too.

The show was held at the Budapest Music Center, a nice, newish place in Ferencváros (9th district). Having seen photos of the concert hall, I bought three very good seats in row two. Then… something happened.

The third person besides Yonah and I coming was my PT. And he decided it was just too crowded for a wheelchair in there. So we folded up the wheelchair, left it with security, and with the aid of two crutches and my PT I walked to my seat. Which wasn’t second row, because heck, second row was just too far away. I think I caught site of my friends who also came, but by the time I got there there were many people, and we never got to meet up. 🙁 Yonah traded our tickets with some nice guys, and I plopped down on my seat with two minutes to spare till Ivri Lider took the stage. As I said I sat further in the back than I origionally planned, but it was still close enough that I can confirm that Mr. Lider does not shave his armpits.

He opened with this song, starting to sing acapella, then joined by his awesome band:

It’s one of my favourite songs by him. It was followed by a couple of songs from his most recent album, then he surveyed the audience: How many people speak Hebrew. After realizing that not too many, he told the rest, in English, to learn Hebrew. :). He also promised to keep the non-Hebrew speakers in the loop, and then he didn’t utter another word in English for the rest of the night.

One of the highlights was Mazel Tov Israel.

During two of the songs (Misheu Pa’am and Bo) he came down to the crowd, and sang to the girls. Yes. The girls. Come on Ivri, a perfwectly fine gay man was present! 😀 Anyway, it was very sweet of him. He wrapped up the show with an energetic, powerful rendition of Bo. Gosh, my heart still beats in rhythm with that song.

Ivri kept the audience engaged, even though many/most people had not known his songs, and didn’t understand this lyrics. I actually forgot to take my camera out of my bag till the very last song, where the lighting was awful. But you know what, this is part of enjoying a show: you don’t worry about electronics being used! 😀 And a great show it was!

Thank you, Mr. Lider! What a night!

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