It’s been a while since the last Harel Skaat post


He has two new songs out! This one was uploaded today:

And then, his most recent music video for a song that’s actually in English:



Oh, by the way Kit Harington (Jon Snow in GoT) looked like RL when he was younger: kit


7 Quick Takes — 32


— 1 —

We had a wonderful two and a half (or 3/4?) days of ceasefire. It ended a few hours before the 72 hours were up, and it was ended by two rockets fired from Gaza to Israel. Apparently this time it's the Islamic Jihad. Since Hamas is in control of Gaza, I truly think it makes no difference: Hamas is responsible for everything coming from the land controlled by them. It was so close to getting back to normal, but it goes on. While Israel has withdrawn from Gaza, there isn't much change for the residents of the South, and they rightfully feel abandoned by our government, when once again we declare victory, only to allow Hamas to recover and rebuild…not the houses and schools and hospitals, but their rocket arsenal and tunnels.

— 2 —

Last night I did something big. Well, big for me. I went to Harel Skaat's concert all by myself. That is something I normally just don't do, it is too out of my comfort zone and too different from my routine. But since Mr. Skaat's birthday, and I am pretty much all alone, I decided to go. It was a brilliant concert as usual. I somehow ended up in line to meet him and wish him a happy birthday, and somehow that line turned into going to an all night burger place (by myself) and staying out way too late.

So…Happy birthday Mr. Skaat!


— 3 —


— 4 —

The Priest's Wife has been advocating for avoiding cheap. Chinese products for a number of reasons. (I'll include a link as soon as I get on my laptop.) While she has some very valid points, I have done some eBay shopping from China and Hong Kong. One seller was selling knitting needles and crochet hooks for very reasonable prices. I contacted them, because I wanted the package to be sent directly to the volunteer organization of the hospital where I have taught some girls and boys to crochet. A local vendor donated some yarn, and I wanted to get the needles and hooks. He and I worked it out, and then I was surprised to see that instead of the free Economy International Shipping option he upgraded my shipping to the Express shipping free. I was already grateful for this gesture, but today I got a text from one of the volunteers at the hospital that the package arrived and, in addition to the two crochet hook sets and one knitting needle set, there were two additional sets of both, some mixed beads and charms, flexible thread and clasps for jewelery. Some of these things will go to other hospitals or activities provided by the organization.

— 5 —

I've been crafting. Yes, still cold porcelain.

I need to find some good sealer/varnish to waterproof it, and then I can plant my little palm “tree” in it.

— 6 —

My garden is pretty much dead. While our house sitters tried to resurrect it, the neglect from the last few weeks has really taken its toll on my poor straw bale garden! I think the root vegetables and some of our peas will make it, and everything we put in planters and pots will, too, but our beans and berries and celery sticks and flowers are beyond help. Maybe next year we won't have a war killing my garden.

— 7 —

Shabbat shalom! And once wgain, happy birthday to Harel Skaat!

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Because Israel has a love for cheesy songs


Watching one of the patriotic, morale raising programmes on TV, I feel like this song is once again very current. Skip to 4:42 or click here to start watching from there.

Translation below.  (more…)

Because Harel Skaat



THE WIND WILL CHANGE DIRECTION  (translation from hebrewsongs.com)
Lyrics: Esther Shamir; Music: Uri Zah

Sometimes when Tel Aviv doesn’t shut down
I go down to the Café in the corner
I look at the traffic which doesn’t stop
Even when something happens in the country
I am like a falling leaf when something happens
But order another cup of coffee to the table
What is my stand if every week
Anyone can make the world insane (more…)



Harel Skaat’s new song.. the second one from the fourth album! I can’t wait till the whole album is released! This is such a beautiful song.

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