Shavua Tov, or Why I Don’t Like Sundays


It’s hard to live in a world where everyone pretty much agrees that Monday is the worst day of the week–except your corner of the world.

You see, the work week starts on Sunday and ends on Friday around noon in Israel. So as the night falls on the Shabbat, we start to wish everyone “Shavua tov”, or a good week to everyone, because our wekend is over for the next 5 and a half days. And then Sunday rolls around.

In Israel, Garfield hates either Monday or Sunday, depending on the translator. Well, I dislike Sundays.

I don’t like waking up my kids and get them ready for school, because the weekend was so short and they will be gone for five and a half days again. Sunday mornings are sleepy, Sunday mornings are cold cereal, Sunday mornings are back to the grind. The magic of the Shabbat is gone, and yeah, who likes the first day back to work?

There are two candle related ceremonies associated with the Shabbat. We light candles to usher in the Shabbat 18 minutes sunset on Friday, and then, at Havdala, we light a special candle at nightfall on Saturday during Havdala. These two ceremonies help us separate the sacred from the mundane, but the joy of the Shabbat carries over till bedtime on Saturdays. That’s one reason why Sunday is so undesirable. Or really, Sunday mornings are.

By the time the afternoon rolls around everyone in my family has discovered the joy that comes with otherwise not-so-fun things, like seeing friends at school or work, having all the shops open, normal television programing, and it no longer being Sunday morning. ๐Ÿ™‚

Now my kids are at school, Kevin is at work. I finished cooking lunch/dinner. The American girls are running errands, and took the two youngest along, so they can stop by at the playground and let them roam and climb and jump and do what 3-year-olds like to do.

As a side note, I made yetserday’s breakfast again, with the minor change that I didn’t pre-cook my turkey bacon at all. It turned out a lot better, and I got the confirmation from รgรณ that uncooked regular bacon works a lot better, too. And it was prettier as well.

Breakfast Cakes


I’m an avid Failbblog reader, and while I was reading back some, I found this awesome breakfast cake recipe. So I decided to make it this morning.
It was supposed to look like this:
epic win photos - WIN!: Breakfast Cakes WIN

Mine looked like this:

It tasted great, but I think next time I do it, I’ll change some things a tiny bit, especially since I had to use some substitutions.

1. Since I use margarine instead of butter, the bread is pretty bland. I’ll add some seasoning to the bread before adding the eggs.
2. Turkey bacon, if prepared fully in the skillet, burns before the eggs are done. So I’ll cook them only halfway through in the skillet.
3. It definitely doesn’t need to be in the oven as long as the recipe says.

It was a really nice breakfast with all the hiccups, and will definitely do it again. Soon.

This is really an egg-loving big family dream. Preparations don’t take too long, and making 28-30 of these cakes definitely is a lot faster than making the same number of fried eggs! Noah also suggested that we can “scramble” the eggs, and add individual “toppings”, like onions for some, mushrooms for others, chives etc. We will try that next!

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