The Pope Takes Priority


I wanted to blog about Family Day and Lent, and I’ll do it a bit later, but now I just have to comment on the Vatican’s announcement that the pope is resigning on February 28. Of course he has to do it on the day of one of the Kdam shows. I mean, hello, I am actually more interested in who we are sending to Malmö than the pope’s farewell.

I know Ratzinger has implied earlier that he would resign when he no longers feels fit to carry out the duties of the pope. I think the extended illness and fraility of Blessed John Paul (II) might have been a factor in his decision, and I think it’s the most honourable action Ratzinger has done during his papacy. I hope he will continue to write in his retirement, and have many peaceful years. I also hope the next pope will be returning to radiating the grace and love of Christ as John Paul II did.

It’s not that we have experience with a pope that resigned in modern times. What will be his role, if anything, in the Catholic hierarchy? I know he is too old to participate in the conclave, but will his influence be present? Will he serve as an advisor to the new pope? Will the new pope want his advice at all? Will there be a new pope by Easter? So so many questions.

As I mentioned to Ciska, I’m not a fan of prophecies, but one of my pet conspiracy theories is the prophecy of the popes, attributed to St. Malachy, who, like me, was Irish. It is probably a fraud, but, at the same time, vague enough to be a self fulfilling prophecy: so far every pope since the publication of the prophecy was made to fit the prophecy. Sometimes it required more effort than in other cases. According to this prophecy, Ratzinger’s successor will be Petrus Romanus, the last pope. I already have a suggestion for the next pope, who’d fit the prophecy, kinda: Cardinal Péter Erdő from Hungary. You see, at least his first name fits! In 2009 Newsweek considered him as a potential papal successor, so there. He’d be perfect. While he is only 60, he has proven some great leadership qualities, I enjoy reading his studies (though I often disagree with him), he has a heart for minorities and did I mention his first name is Péter?

As I said, the prophecy of Malachy is my pet conspiracy theory. I keep wondering just in case it’s true, what will happen after the next pope? Will the papcy be done away with in a church reform? Will the Messiah finally come, causing the Vatican to accept the G-d of Israel? Will global warming wash the Vatican away? Who knows. But for sure. The current pope is resigning.

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