Blogging award!


Annie at One Mother’s Day gave me an award! I hardly ever get awards, and this one is one I really like! It’s the Versatile Blogger Award!

The rules are simple: Post 7 things about yourself that your readers probably don’t know about and then pass the award onto up to 5 bloggers!

I’d like to start with the 5 bloggers first:

  1. Hope Anne from Welcome Katya Home! Hope Anne’s blog deals with adoption, raising her five children and showcases wonderful crafts and vintage finds as well! She homeschools, like her iPad 1 and she is over all wonderful.
  2. Leah from Garden of Eagan! Leah is one of my heroes! After running into shady and outright illegal activities concerning international adoptions in Serbia, she spoke up and assisted Serbian authorities to clean the mess up and make Serbian adoptions a fast and cheap process. She is raising her youngest three, all of them living with Down’s Syndrome and two of whom have been adopted from Serbia. 聽She rides motorbikes, too, and has dogs. I think that’s cool.
  3. Marica from Cestovatelka @Xanga. While Marica has a non-Xanga blog as well, I chose her Xanga blog because it’s truly versatile! She shares her crafting, cooking, photography and more. She is the ultimate list poster on Xanga, too.
  4. Boz贸t from bozotkutya@livejournal. While she, too has many other blogs, this one is in English, and she needs to update it! She raises her kids, she runs, she cooks, she runs, she does martial arts, she runs, she has dogs and she runs. 馃檪
  5. 脕g贸 and Judy at 2 Agents Blog. Update girls, now! They write about everything from living in Budapest to crafting t o reviewing talent shows. There’s a bit of making fun of Twilight and geekery!

OK, now onto the 7 things. As many of my readers have been with me since my first blog in 2001, this is a hard task and I will fail it.

  1. My favourite place ever is the beach near Kinsale. I love walking there in the winter and autumn, love sitting down with a good book, or have picnics in the summer. I really miss that place! The beaches here are awesome, but neither cold nor windy, so they miss that Irish quality to them.
  2. I’m a fan of Harel Skaat. I’m sure you never would have guessed that. I always enjoyed his music, but he became my top favourite when he started to display the ability to think. His urging of the youth top be politically and socially aware cemented him in my heart. This has nothing to do with his sexuality, and only partially with his super cute face. 馃檪 He is slightly controversial, but generally a nice guy, really.
  3. If I ever move away from Israel, I want to move to India. I probably wouldn’t live there for long, but it’s a place I love dearly. It’s not because I want to do a lot of good and help the poor of the country and become a Jewish, male Mother Teresa. Nope, I just love that country, certain areas in particular. I can see myself going for another longish vacation in several years’ time, when the kids are older.
  4. I am back to walking longer distances. That project was put on hold because of my health issues. I want to be able to do a half marathon in 2013, and work up to 10k this year. Yes, that also tells you that I don’t believe in Mayan calendars. I mean we have a Gregorian and a Hebrew calendar going side by side well over December 21, so why would I rely more on a calendar that I know hardly anything about?
  5. Everyone knows I love burgers and cookies. I also love sunny side up eggs and I’m known to fry up to three dozen eggs for breakfast for my family… twice a week. I know many large families hardly ever have it, but I feel guilty about depriving my kids of this lovely meal just because I chose to have a large family. We also make scrambled eggs for breakfast. Making eggs for 19-21 people takes only a little bit longer than making them for 5, especially if I have help cracking the eggs.
  6. I have a fascination with Mesoamerica and its pre-Columbian peoples. I think it’s aolo left-over Mormon thing. There was an awesome big album by a Mormon author trying to prove that the Book of Mormon actually took place in Mesoamerica. It had great illustrations and such. I can’t remember the title or the author, but I’m sure Jill or Diana would know what I’m talking about. Never mind, 脕g贸 told me, it’s John L. Sorenson’s聽Images of Ancient America: Visualizing Book of Mormon Life. I loved thumbing through this book, and while Mormonism is just a nightmare of the past now, it instilled a love for the real history of Mesoamerica.
  7. I’m pro-choice, I believe in evolution, and I think the Bible would look a lot different if G-d would reveal it today than when he did. He had to use imagery and words that made sense to bronze-age semi-nomadic tribesmen from the Middle-East.

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