Alan Turing 100


Alan Turing was born 100 years ago.

If you don’t know who he was, get on Google or Wikipedia right now.  Google even has a fabulous doodle for his birthday.

Without him, there would be no Google or Wikipedia. In addition to being a brilliant mathematician and cryptoanalyst, who helped the Allies win World War II by assisting in the decyphering of codes by the Enigma machine, he is pretty much the father of computer science.

Turing died shortly before turning 42, possibly by taking his own life. The fact that he had a criminal conviction for being homosexual, and losing his security clearance to work on government projects might have contributed to his death. I think the Allies were lucky he didn’t come out before the war. He might have been killed by the secret service, and that’s a pretty good conspiracy theory. His being expelled from government projects provided him with the time to work on programing possibilities for computers and other computer science issues.

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