Kfir Epstein


I just packed his CD’s in Yonah’s moving box. You can listen to his second CD here.

És nem úgy néz ki, mint Császár El?d, OK??? Just sayin’.

See? Nothing like Shane 54. No matter what Andi says based on this album cover:

He is a lot more talented, handsome and younger than the Hungarian musician. Oh and Kfir Epstein has run over and killed less Hungarian policemen while under the influence of drugs than Császár did.

You Have No Reason…


Today, a song by Kfir Epstein.

You might remember that Kfir Epstein wrote my absolute favourite Harel Skaat song, תמימותי .  This is one of his songs,

and if I’d ever audition to an Idol/Voice/X Factor type of show, I’d choose either of those two sing. This one is one of my songs for… Valentine’s Day, which, by teh way, we don’t celebrate.

The first lines roughly translate as “You have no reason to / Love me, /Change me.” And then the last line: “I find refuge in you.” And while the gender of the pronouns don’t match my situation, this is what I feel like with Kevin. He has no reason to love me, yet he does. He is my refuge and my love, and I’m so very grateful for him.

This year we will have been together 10 years in the summer. I can’t believe time has flown so fast and we are so “old” together. There is still something new and something fresh about our relationship. Maybe the fact that we are apart some of the time helps with it: when we reunite, we rediscover all the joys of couplehood and being in love.

Kfir Epstein and Harel Skaat


Kfir Epstein is a very talented singer-songwriter. He is one of my kids’ favourites, and also the writer of many of Mr. Skaat’s songs. Here they sing a song, not written by him, from Mr. Skaat’s new album, soon to be released

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