About Me (and the Blog)

Unlike most successful blogs, my blog is not based around a specific topic. This is a completely “Me” blog. I only write what’s on my mind. Not really a family blog, not about my kids, not about my politics, my religion, my recipes, not about anything, but I might write about all of those and more. For blogs on specific topics, please visit my Blogroll and Link Collection.


I’m 31, currently living in Israel with my big, noisy and multilingual family. I’m Jewish, but I used to be Catholic and Mormon. I have a degree in theology and Bible education and one in applied liguistics. I still feel like I know nothing about either topic, but I’m strongly opinionated on both.

I was born in Ireland, raised in the USA, Hungary, Ireland, and briefly in Israel and Saudi Arabia.  I speak English and Hungarian well, and Hebrew very poorly.

I was adopted and my adoption was dissolved after 12 years. I’m still trying to deal with both of these events in my life, and both influenced my world view greatly. I am now reunited with my real family, and I am starting to feel more of a part of a family.


I’m gay.

I’m a cancer survivour. Due to some cancer complications, I have some disabilities that I try to overcome or at least live with. This, however, is something I rarely mention in this blog, because… it’s just something that’s part of my life, and usually not worth a mention.

I was educated in both British/Irish and American schools. I can’t decide how words are spelled any more.


I am pro-educated-choice. I believe in the big bang (well, I also believe that a model about the universe that doesn’t have a singularity is also possible), in evolution and I’m trying really really hard to believe in G-d. I don’t, though. I still recite the Shema multiple times a day.

I actually like making fun of human stupidity and closed mindedness.

I really really really like the music (and cute face) of Harel Skaat.

No, I won’t show you photos of my family. I do my best to protect my children. Their future is not to be impacted by my blogging, and

I love Coca Cola, Kinder Surprise eggs, Harel Skaat’s music, science fiction, Judaism, Hungarian, Glenn Cooper’s novels, Orson Scott Card, pear flavoured Milka, Krembos, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Ancient Aliens, kosher cooking and the Shabbat. And comments. Definitely comments.

Oh, and if I must, I moderate comments.

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