April is Here


Yesterday I turned 35. Not considering that everyone assumed I already had the new Harel Skaat album (and no, I still don’t have it, good thing I still have a few days of the free Apple Music trials, because I can’t even go out now to buy it, and I am out of iTunes credit), it was quite an awesome day.

Between March 16 and April 5 there are several birthdays in the family, and this year we had two 18th birthdays, too! So yesterday was the day when our extended family were celebrating with us, giving us an opportunity to catch up with some people we hadn’t seen in a while. Like my sister, who, once again, moved back to Israel. It was lovely to catch up with everyone, despite the ever increasing tension between the religious family members and those following “the gay agenda”.

So back to the 4th Harel Skaat album. I pretty much already own every song on the album–a mix of older hits and new songs–yet I totally am going to buy it. Because I’m silly like that. I just wish Lauf had made it on there!


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  1. Shauna575 says:

    Happy birthday, Hevel!

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