Boring in Israel -Wow, that didn’t last long


So things got crazy here. I have posts written on my phone, where the app refuses to connect to publish my posts. 

Sukkot this year didn’t work out as we hoped. First out petrog (our etrog gets treated like a pet) was lost on a bus. Kevin came home from school with a nasty cold and by the time he got through it, some of the kids got it, and from the kids I managed to catch it. Mine turned into pneumonia, so I have had the opportunity to test how much hospital food has improved. I hope to be discharged soon, and then hopefully share my thoughts on the whole UNESCO fiasco, SNL, and Jack Chick.

One Response to “Boring in Israel -Wow, that didn’t last long”

  1. Jon says:

    OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Get better really fast. 😮

    So, has the food improved? :p
    The lovely Mayo Clinic is outsourcing their food service workers under the guise of “improving” their meals.
    I wish they would just admit they are trying to bust the union. ARGH…..
    Hugs, Jon

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