Boring in Israel – When Rockets Fall


I was not really going to write about it, at best I was going to link an old post from Operation Protective Edge, because this series is about Israel, and because I like that post. So go click that link. Then come back, because what happened yesterday needs a few words.

By yesterday I mean today, because I’m writing this post on Wednesday. As I was standing in line for coffee (maybe I should rename this blog kosherkoffee) during one of the breaks, I saw the details of the rocket attack of Gaza earlier today. The first news only said that the rocket was fired from Gaza and landed in the Israeli city of Sderot. Sderot is a city close to the Gaza border. Once a rocket is launched, residents have about 15 seconds to find shelter.

Today’s rocket didn’t cause damage. Two people were treated for shock. The rocket landed by an elementary school.

Let’s review that again.

The rocket landed by an elementary school.

Because, as so many anti-Israel Facebook activists claim, Hamas doesn’t target civillians.

An elementary school. Where our children use earthquake (and mostly) rocket-proof desks so they have somewhere to hide when the rockets fall.

3 Responses to “Boring in Israel – When Rockets Fall”

  1. Jon says:

    Thank goodness Hamas is such a humanitarian organization.
    Hugs, Jon

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