Boring in Israel – After the Shabbat Goes Out


It’s Saturday evening, the scent of the Havdala spices and the recently extinguished candle still lingers in the air. Kevin just poured himself a glass of wine, I am curled up on the couch with my gigantic cup of tea, and the 186th Semiannual General Conference of the LDS Church is on TV (thanks MormonChannel app!). Why we still watch it every six months? Not sure. But is is something that is part of our family’s traditions, unless General Conference clashes with one of the Jewish holidays so often falling around the beginning of October.

The grocery store just recently opened after the Shabbat went out, so some of the boys ran out for snacks, and now they are watching this slightly Stepford-wife looking Young Women’s General President with a weird intonation talk about something very important, but we can’t quite decide sometimes where a sentence ended. At least President Eyring looks the exact same as he did when I officially left the church 14 years ago. 

The littles are packing their school bags, so tomorrow morning they can catch 5 more minutes of snooze time before school. Yes, our week begins on Sunday. While the MoTab sing (that’s the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, btw) I load the washer and set the timer so it will start in the morning. One of the girls asks if there is anything left to eat and she is instructed by a brother to look in the dairy fridge. 

Today was the last Shabbat of 5776. Tomorrow evening when the sun sets 5777 begins. It’s a time for introspection and repentance, and because of that I didn’t dare to like a photo of bacon today. You see, my rabbi is a friend on Facebook. (Ok, just kidding, but really, for the Jewish soul, this is a time to prepare for not only the new year, but for the day of atonement, Yom Kippur as well. I have written about both holidays before, and I imagine I will write about them this coming few days, again.

If you are here from the #write31days link up, please feel free to click around. Eventually it will start to make sense.

And now the compulsory Harel Skaat video.

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  1. Shauna575 says:

    Oh! October joy for me!!

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