Boring in Israel – 60 years


It was 60 years ago today that my grandparents made the decision that they would leave Hungary. 

It was the middle of the the Suez Crisis, and my grandparents were already packing, ready to leave to fight for Israel. The original idea was that they’d eventually return. It was also the middle of the Hungarian uprising of 1956, and many people had the hope that a country freed from Soviet rule will transition into a democratic state, and my grandparents wanted to be a part of that. As they had been part of the birth of the State of Israel, they wanted to help build a new Hungary. However,  after they arrived in Israel the news reached them of the death of Imre Mező on November 1, and the circumstances of it. Mező, a Communist leader, was among those defending the party headquarters, and he was one if those people who exited the building under a white flag to surrender the building to the revolutionary forces. All three of them were shot to death, most likely by revolutionaries. 

Grandpa, himself a socialist with communist leanings, an acquaintence of Mező and a supporter of Imre Nagy’s politics couldn’t reconcile the events and actions of either side with his personal values. Something broke in him when it came to the country that rejected him again and again. After November 4, when Soviet troops invaded Hungary again as the Western powers were tied up in the Suez crisis, any real chance to return was no more. It took nearly 50 days for my grandparents to return to Budapest again. It took them 25 years to be reunited with their then 13-year-old son, who opted to stay behind with the Christian couple who had rescued him as a baby when his parents were deported. 

So while today is boring in Israel-hospitals are always boring, aren’t they?-60 years ago today it was anything but.

3 Responses to “Boring in Israel – 60 years”

  1. Jon says:

    WOW… Maybe boring now, but it doesn’t sound like things were boring way back when. 😮
    Hugs, Jon

  2. Shauna575 says:

    Boy, I say, Jon said it right. More intrigue in the side mentions. They deserve their own post.

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