Shabbat Shalom from Israel – 7 very Quick Takes


1. I like to listen to music at work. Every once in a while I can find a corner of the office, or one of the training rooms or conference rooms that is empty, and I can play my music without having to plug it into my CI. Like today.

Today this song was on my playlist:

“I know that at the end maybe sorrow will fade away
Maybe tomorrow maybe another year
The wind that pushes away dawn
At the end will change its direction”

2.So was this song:

“Other days will come, with the sun and with G-d, and the morning will be all right.”

3. And this as well:

“Unfortunately I was born a human

I can see, think, feel, smell,

But that’s not enough for me

I want to hover over people

In an incredible silence, in an incredible silence

I want to fly with the power to see everything from above,

To understand what people are, and so on”

4. And of course, this one:

So my CO asked me: “Hevel, are you being political today?”  

While the songs in my playlist followed each other in this order by accident, because it was my YouTube Harel Skaat playlist, in fact today I was political. I am ready for change. I am ready to feel safe. I am ready for peace. I am tired of the anti-Israel bias of the media and the UN and half my FB friends. I am tired of politicians. 

5. The last two weeks my kids learnt to defend themselves against stabbers in their Krav Maga class, and they learnt how to provide first aid to stabbing victims in their community health class. On Sunday two of my teens will travel to Jerusalem for a lecture, and I’ll let them. I’ll be a nervous wreck. Tel Aviv is experiencing a lot less violence than the capital, so it’s scary to send them there. But such is life in Israel. Some of the places they will pass through have experienced attacks. 

To be completely homest I’m glad not to have to carry a weapon. I am a bit nervous each time my combat soldiers come home with a weapon. Don’t take me wrong, I know my way around them, still, I don’t like them in my home.

6. This month Kevin has lived in Israel (and the general TLV area) longer than anywhere else. Israel has really become home.

7. In the midst of the craziness life goes on. Yesterday Kevin and I attended the wedding of one of the soldiers in my team. It was a joyous occasion, and we all had a wonderful time. Mazel tov to Orit and Fedya.

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  1. jen says:

    I was wondering what Mr. Skaat was up to!
    jen recently posted..31 Days of Gluten-Free Life: TetelestaiMy Profile

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