But You Chose It!


The last three weeks I have blogged more about living in Israel and about the conflict we are experiencing here than I would normally do. These past few weeks have been draining, even in the Tel Aviv bubble.  While I have received an overwhelmingly positive response (and a not-quite-damaging hacking attempt by some pro-Palestinian teenager in Turkey), I also got the comment from several people, “But you chose to move there!”

I have been getting a lot of “But you chose it!” comments during my life. From my sexual orientation (ha!) to troubles related to adoption, people willingly dismissed my need for help with pointing out it was my choice. A while back Leah blogged about how these comments relating to adoption were unfair and a double standard. And now I need to vent about how telling me this is unfair.

When we moved to Israel it was our only chance to keep out family together. It was also the place where we had any support system, and where medical care would keep me alive. We made the choice to move to Israel, we didn’t choose to be targeted by Hamas.

People are commenting very negatively on news of people making aliyah during this conflict. They call parents irresponsible for bringing their kids into this mess here. But what these commenters choose not consider is that for many of these new olim being in Israel even now is safer than staying in their home countries.

Just take France: attacks on Jewish schools, killing kids. Protesters against Israel (claiming no Anti-Semitism just Anti-Zionism and Anti-Israel sentiments) attacking their synagogues. Of course such behaviour by the public is the best way to turn assimilated, patriotic Jews into Zionists.

So yes, I chose to live in Israel, and I still have the right to complain about rockets and wars. Many people choose to live somewhere, and they complain about the weather, the traffic, the school district, the HOA. How is that okay and it is not okay to be upset about living in the shadow of rockets?

7 Responses to “But You Chose It!”

  1. michelle green says:

    well said.. I just got into a big debate with someone over this fact.. there idea was JUST MOVE.. ok fine great in theory but not everyone has the means to do that and not everyone wants to leave. why cant we be sympathetic to all the innocents in the wars? why do I have to chose T eam Isreal or Team Palestine?Why cant I just be against Team Evil? You have the right to be where you want to be . and if others cant handle that , its their problem !!

  2. Nora says:

    Bravo. You have the right to live without threat of death. You didn’t CHOOSE this conflict. What’s happening is frightening and escalating and I pray for
    the safety of innocents on both sides.

  3. Jon says:

    I would love to bitch slap the people who have said that to you.
    You choose to live in Israel. You did not choose to live in a terrorist war zone.
    Hamas has brought the terror to Israel not the other way around. ARGH…
    Love and Hugs, Jon

  4. Jon says:

    LOL…… But in a good way some times. 🙂

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