…Because Israel

Source: http://en.aroma.co.il/
Source: http://en.aroma.co.il/

So I'm standing in line, getting an Ice Aroma, because it's summer, and because someone will either know sign language at Aroma, or will be ready to deal with me being a non-speaker. You know, Aroma employs a lot of us, Israelis living with disabilities. And they are everywhere. And I think they are cheaper than the major competitors, except that one place where everything is 5 sheqels. Anyway, being happy to finally be on my way home, I order, I pay, I get my drink, I am happy…

…and then the siren sounds as yet again rockets target Tel Aviv from Gaza. The girl behind me, a tourist from the USA judging by her accent, is startled and bumps into me, making me knock my coffee over.

I am pissed off, because my coffee is gone. Yes, there are rockets coming my way, but as my motto says, “In Iron Dome We Trust”, I focus my thoughts on that delicious Ice Aroma. And how I probably have no more money on my card, and absolutely no cash on me. Because Israel is aiming to eliminate cash to reduce money laundering. Also being angry about my coffee allows me not to worry about what my children are doing, whether they are safe, where the rocket or its shrapnel will land, will there be damage, will people be hurt, where is the nearest shelter, when will this all end?

Focusing on spilled coffee allows me to go through the motions of ensuring my own safety with the least amount of panic. Anger replaces fear for a few moments, and we wait.

When it's over, the sirens fall silent and the city is once again safe, I leave for home.

Hamas owes me an iced coffee.


5 thoughts on “…Because Israel”

  1. That is good to focus your anger to divert your fears.
    Now if Hamas won’t fork over for a new coffee, get that bloody American to do it. ARGH……..
    HUGS, Jon

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