Because Israel has a love for cheesy songs

Watching one of the patriotic, morale raising programmes on TV, I feel like this song is once again very current. Skip to 4:42 or click here to start watching from there.

Translation below. 
when things are discouraging,
and the country is under fire,
there is always a singer who sings the “touching song”
and this time,
that’s me.
trembling legs, the heart is broken
so they’ve also put a bar stool
and that’s why.. the serious face.(guri)
it will give an amazing effect
if I’ll do a hoarse voice,
and combine a windshield wipers move..
it’s always cute(harel)
to look like i’m sad and pensive
I’ll pretend that I’ve seen here a mouse.(both)
this is the “touching song” x2

ooh how exciting it could be
if we’ll add to the chorus a little bit of vo-o-o-ocals

this is the “touching song” x2

the crowd will light candles
to make a sadness feeling
and if I want to increase it
I can always get out of the chorus, rhyme or.. rhythm

and if that doesn’t help,
I’ve got a huge trick
I will think, like an absentminded, where did i put my wallet

this is the “touching song” x2

It’s a long and fussy song
so now we’ll do a modulation
one more high note and i’ll be needing an inhalation.

I gave everything I had
too bad..(harel) we do not have a violin
then, we’ll finish and I ask-
hila, turn off the lights.


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