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  • Because Harel Skaat


    THE WIND WILL CHANGE DIRECTION  (translation from hebrewsongs.com)
    Lyrics: Esther Shamir; Music: Uri Zah

    Sometimes when Tel Aviv doesn’t shut down
    I go down to the Café in the corner
    I look at the traffic which doesn’t stop
    Even when something happens in the country
    I am like a falling leaf when something happens
    But order another cup of coffee to the table
    What is my stand if every week
    Anyone can make the world insane

    I know that at the end maybe sorrow will fade away
    Maybe tomorrow maybe another year
    The wind that pushes away dawn
    At the end will change its direction

    And sometimes when Tel Aviv doesn’t go to sleep
    I march with the beat of the city
    It hums under my feet
    Sounds which will be embroided to a song at the end
    The scent of coffee comes from all directions
    They all say bad things about the future
    And somehow everything will be ok
    A bit more, a bit less, like always

    I know that at the end maybe…..

    The wind that blows on our homes
    Whirls clouds of storm
    Have a bit of mercy; have a bit of mercy on us
    Bring us a day of calm

    I know that at the end maybe….

    from www.hebrewsongs.com

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