7 Quick Takes — 29


— 1 —

Now it’s Wednesday, and I might end up posting my 7QT today, because I have no idea when I’ll get to blog tomorrow if at all. While I said that I would be blogging less, recycling two posts from the past, and sharing an experience during an air raid made my blog busier than usually. Oh, by the way, go read that post. It involves coffee, it’s less than 300 words long, and it’s pretty good.

Mentioning air raid experiences, If you speak Hungarian, here is an article titled “One more air raid and we’ll be late to the theatre” by Hungarian writer/TV personality/journalist/celebrity Kristóf Steiner, who lives in Tel Aviv with his husband, Matan. It references the current trend of posting shelter selfies (that the very handsome Harel Skaat also participates in), making fun of Hamas, and just making the best of an unpleasant situation. A similar post in English is here. Actually I generally recommend his blog. After reading my post about the air raid the other day, of course.

— 2 —

Yesterday, after too long a time, I finally made it to another Harel Skaat show. As usual, it was fabulous. I had a little too much to drink before and after the show (no, I still wasn’t drunk, but one more drink would have made me drunk!) and for a change I relaxed and went to sleep without any meds. In this most un-normal of times an evening felt oh so normal. Even if song selection and commentary by RL was heavily influenced by current affairs in Israel.

From an earlier performance, RL singing the 121st psalm:



— 3 —

My youngest has recently started to put words together when she signs. She has also discovered that if she says something I react to it, but I will only sign back to her. It’s kinda funny, because now she seems to have an active sign vocabulary that differs from her active speech vocabulary quite a bit. She has about 20 words and 15 signs that she uses as of today, but there are new words appearing every day! Her signing is slower, and as long as she understands what I sign to her, I am not too concerned.It is only in sign, however, that she is using phrases now, so I think we are right on track with that as well. Of course she hears a lot more speech than she sees signing, and then often even my signing is accompanied by someone’s interpretation as well, so who knows.

— 4 —

I have been planning on sharing more about our crafting and cold porcelain adventures. I tweaked the recipe I use a bit more, and we have some pretty things to show. Like this flower. We painted this one with acrylic paint after it dried, and I think this will be an approach for colouring that we will use. I have also made owl eyes from pre-coloured pieces of cold porcelain, and I need to glue them onto some crochet work and show pictures as well. 2014-07-08 20.05.32

— 5 —

Mentioning crochet. I finally finished a few pieces I have been working on. I found several descriptions, usually translated from Finnish, for “converse” slippers, which, again, I tweaked. I am planning to post my tweaks and the link to the original description as soon as I finish my third pair. Till then, here is a pair I made for my daughter, but ended up my niece’s and the first adult one. 2014-07-16 15.55.07Crochet is my one remaining activity resembling normalcy. I am usually too tired to make any significant progress with my work, but I try to crochet (or knit) a few rows each day. I usually do it as Kevin FaceTimes with the kids in Hungary. The kids have a blast with Uncle Dan and cousins, and can’t wait for the rest of the family (except Itamar and I) to join them early August for two weeks. While they are gone, if the situation doesn’t normalize, two families who are friends with my family with house sit for us. They are from the south (see next quick take) and they could use the break. I am planning to stay somewhere in the city for those two weeks. I hope to crochet a lot and go to another Harel Skaat concert!

— 6 —

While it might seem from my blog that the situation in Israel is not all that serious. As I have said before, in many ways, Tel Aviv is its own little bubble. It is not like the rest of Israel in many, many aspects. So while it might seem that rockets are a mere inconvenience for Israelis, it is not etirely true. While Tel Aviv experienced two or three alerts a day, there are areas that got several each hour. People in the South are advised to stay within 15 seconds from a bomb shelter at all times. Can you imagine living your life with an eye on a shelter all the time, and not even being safe enough to go to the grocery store, or even to get into your car? I can’t, and I’m in the same country, in the same conflict, but twenty, thirty, hundred kilometers away.

Some of you have been telling me you are worried about my safety, and I really appreciate your concern. While indeed it is not always safe here, it is a lot safer than in other parts of Israel, or in areas of Gaza. Those of you who pray, please don’t forget to pray for the people you might not know, but for whom rockets are more than an annoyance. Please also pray for the 70k people in Gaza, who were left without electricity. One of the rockets fired from Gaza damaged a power line near the border in Israel, and this line supplies southern Gaza with electricity. Because it was too dangerous for crews to repair the damage, it seemed like they would be left without power indefinitely, but Israel Electric Corporation employees fixed it amid continued rocket fire.

Yesterday (Tuesday) in accordance with an Egypt brokered ceasefire agreement, Israel halted air strikes in Gaza for six hours. During this time over 50 rockets were fired from Gaza to Israel. Hamas didn’t even consider the ceasefire.

I have quoted Golda Meir before, saying that there will be peace when the Arabs love their children more than they hate us… I think many, many Arabs love their children more than they hate us, but they have not the courage or power to rid themselves of Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

— 7 —

I’d like to thank Jen for volunteering to post this to the link up! I don’t have access to the link ups from my new work, and I am on my own laptop at very random times. However, email subscription to my blog has been finally fixed, so feel free subscribe to be kept updated! Thanks for visiting!


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5 Responses to “7 Quick Takes — 29”

  1. Jon says:

    I am so glad you had a great time at the concert. 🙂 Even if you were a little tipsy. lol…….
    I LOVE your Converse slippers. Very clever. 🙂
    A very pretty porcelin flower. 🙂
    Continue to stay safe, you and all your family.
    HUGS, Jon

  2. Adele says:

    Checking here often to read what you may post about Israel and sending thoughts for everyones’ safety.
    Haven’t been able to access our other mutual site last several hours. Have you?

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