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  • Parshat Kedoshim: What we learn from Passover
    “You shall not turn to the worthless idols, nor shall you make molten deities for yourselves. I am the Lord, your God. When you slaughter a peace offering to the Lord, you shall slaughter it for your acceptance.” (Leviticus 19:4-5) 9 hours ago
  • Tradition Today: A different day and a different message
    The concept that underlies Tisha Be’av is based on the words of the prophets, especially Jeremiah, who predicted that God would bring about the destruction of the Temple and of Jerusalem because of the sins of the people. 9 hours ago
  • Missouri mayor endorses suspected Kansas killer’s views
    Daniel Clevenger ,the mayor of the suspect's hometown of Marionville, "kind of agrees with him on some things," he tells local news outlet. 6 hours ago

Ivri Lider Birthday

Happy 40th birthday to Ivri Lider!

Singer, songwriter, performer, X Factor mentor, gay icon Ivri Lider singing his song “LaRega Katan”, “For a Brief Moment”, otherwise known as the shoulder song. :D

He is another proof that life doesn’t end at 30, even if you are a gay icon: His best work, in my opinion, has been his two latest albums.

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