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  • Eurovision Season Quietness

    It’s been Eurovision season for a few weeks already, but after an initial excitement I have been quiet. I haven’t even watched any of the preselection shows or really listened to any of the songs.

    Today I listed our tickets and the package they came with for sale. They were gone within an hour.

    It was a difficult decision, to be honest, and not just because we are ESC fans. Going to Denmark had a very differen purpose, too. Kevin and I planned to get married. Then we were informed that doing so would have undesirable consequences back home, at least for now, so we had to put that plan on hold. Ever since then looking at the tickets, or the circled dates on our wall calendar gave me that awful, disappointed feeling, but I didn’t want to let go of them, just in case it could happen. Letting go of that dream was hard.

    Considering everything else going on, it was the financially wise decision as well. We are still going to Rome, and whatever extra funds we’ll have left over from the canceled trip to denmark, I’d much rather use it for Kevin’s birthday there. Or for a mini donut tin, now that I have a recipe for minature powdered donuts.

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