7 Quick Takes – 5


— 1 —

hajnalHungarian film director Miklós Kancsó passed away at age 93. I have seen several of his movies, and there is one that I especially liked, and am still looking for it. It’s the film titled “L’Aube” or “Hajnal” in Hungarian, meaning Dawn, based on the novel by Elie Wiesel. It was a wonderful film, a film that is kind of a taboo when talking about Jancsó’s work, and a film close to my heart because it deals with a topic that is close to my heart as well: the birth of my country, and the heavy moral questions that my grandparents’ generation had to face int heir struggle for an independent Jewish state.

I think that even today many of the issues and questions raised in Wiesel’s book and Jancsó’s film are relevant for us, not only as Israelis, but as human beings.

— 2 —

Thursday was a day full of doctor’s appointments. First the good news: the cast is coming off in two weeks! Yay, finally! The not so good news: I have a sinus infection and conjuctivitis. It is healing nicely, but I am not supposed to rub my eyes on anyone. I think we are pretty safe with that. I also had labs done, but the results are not back till Sunday. I know I shouldn’t be very stressed about them, but I am. I wonder if the fear ever completely goes away.

— 3 —

I attempted to make shortbread this morning. I used a cappuccino shortbread recipe, that resulted in rock hard pieces of buttery messes. I was suspicious that the sugar and the flour amounts must have been off, but never expected to prepare something that could qualify as a self defense weapon. All I wanted was to try my new cookie stamping kit! Pout. I’ll try another recipe tonight. Or tomorrow.

— 4 —

Last night Kevin, our friend Nathan, Nathan’s boyfriend and I went out for some drinks, which turned into a banana milkshake for me. So this morning I tried to repeat the experience, and can I just say that my frozen strawberry, banana, coocnut milk milkshakes are just the best? I had to run to Mega this morning to get some more cocnut milk. I was bribed to make some more with tickets to Harel Skaat’s show on Fabruary 14.

— 5 —

I need to rehome one of my cats. Yes, I’m one of those people who think the health of my human child is more important than the psychological health of a cat. This particular cat is an indoor/outdoor cat, and refuses to properly use the litterbox when in the indoor phase. We would have liked to have him be an indoor only cat, but he runs just too far to manage that. He is perfectly capable of opening doors by jumping on the handles. He is too smart for his own good. He is also a skilled hunter, so if you like having dead animals brought to you as gifts, he is ideal. He doesn’t listen to the name Meyer, because he is a cat. Our other cat was okayed to be around, but the vet and my son’s oncologist agree that Meyer is a risk.

— 6 —

Time for some music: Matisyahu’s Live Like a Warrior.

If I want to be honest, I much prefer the acoustic version of this song, but today my mood is for the original.

— 7 —

Kevin and I are going to spend a few days in Italy for his birthday. I bought the tickets AND paid for the hotel online today. We are getting excited! With a trip to Denmark for the ESC and the trip to Rome, May will be busy! And then June, G-d willing, we’ll take most of the kids to Ireland for my brother’s wedding!

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9 Responses to “7 Quick Takes – 5”

  1. Ciska says:

    Wonderful takes! They make me feel so happy for you. Shame about the cat though, but I dom’t think I could live with a cat like that either.

    • He is really an outdoor cat, and pretty good at it, but at the same time he is very human loving. The thing is, with Itamar’s chemo it is not a good combination. My old neighbours have already volunteered to adopt him.

  2. Hanne says:

    You have to come see me when you come to Ireland!!!

  3. Jon says:

    WOW, can I have one of your milkshakes? They sounds DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    YAY for the cast coming off. I hope your sinus’s and eyes clear up soon.

    Is that Micheal York in the picture?

    Wish I could help with your cat situation, but don’t think that’s too practical. :p

    WOW, color me jealous of all your travel plans.
    Hugs, Jon

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