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  • How I Wasted My Day?

    I was just looking at someone else’s blog, saw an identical to this button, I clicked it…

    And an hour and half later I finished drooling over all the pens, pencils, notebooks, clays, paints, varieties of glue, backpacks, lunchbags, educational toys, calculators, shoes, toothbrushes, crayons and chocolate bars that somehow all fit the back to school theme. So. Much. Stuff. I could spend a fortune on these things! I did order some polymer clay… Sculpey needs to be tried. :) I am going to do the maths to see if it is a better investment than FIMO. I can spend a lot of money on school supplies any time, but this fall we are homeschooling!

    That reminds me of the flyer I got the other day: “Let’s prepare for school starting together!” When flipping the page: Jägermesiter. Really, big French chain, really? Maybe they had university students in mind. That said, university entrance point limits were jus announced in Hungary, and all my former English students were accepted to the Master’s programmes they applied to. Yes, I spent a good half hour browsing point requirements.

    Then I finished watching the 11th season of Hell’s Kitchen (US) and got inspired to cook some spinach for lunch. This was the first time I didn’t know who was winning. Oh my gosh, it was intense, and it made me hungry! So creamed spinach with lots of  garlic and hard boiled eggs… Perfect dinner.

    And then… I watched “The Bridge”. But that deserves a separate post!

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