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1. It’s May and May brings 94% humidity, and with that come headaches. Remind me, why did I think moving to Israel was a good idea? At least the teamperatures are bearable. Budapest, actually, has higher temps than we do now. Yes, I’m this boring.

2.  This one just doesn’t get old. 🙂

Source: http://instagram.com/harelskaat

And Harel Skaat singing (in English) at another wedding.

Yes, I’m all excited about weddings now. Once again, I feel like it’s something that is eventually going to be available for Kevin and me. With France and New Zealand legalizing same sex marriages, I’m hopeful.

3.  I have a new niece. She is 19 months old, has Down’s Syndrome and was adopted by my brother Seán and his wife Mary Anne in Ukraine. This is their second adoption, and first SN one.  It was a complete surprise to most of our family! They kept it secret in case it fell through, as they traveled on a blind referral. There were only two children matching their criteria, and both had been listed on a big photolisting site, but they still got the referral.

Seán has told me that they got the idea to adopt SN after reading Hope Anne’s blog about Katya’s adoption. They also got the general idea to avoid the colourful fundraising organization, so they could have the freedom of choosing their own facilitators, accomodations, drivers and the such. Taking their five children along and staying 9 weeks in country they still came out having spent less than an average adoption cost involving any of the big organizations, if we don’t count the plane tickets for the children, and only slightly more than two parents traveling etc. if we do.

4. Kevin brought me some yarn the other day, and it wasn’t the type I needed. It had the same colour code, but it was a different sub brand than what I asked for. It was nice yarn, and we agreed if he can’t exchange it I’ll keep it.

He went back to this seller in the shuk, and explained that he got the wrong type, and would it be possible to exchange it. The guy at the booth just packed up a bunch of yarn for him to bring to me to pick out the ones I need. That was so nice of him! In the end he didn’t accept money for some of the yarn I chose, because those were last balls of no longer manufactured yarn anyway. Just my luck: the best yarn falls into this category.
5.  Holland has a new king! I totally adore the dutch royal family, and the whole Dutch monarchy, and the people’s attitude towards their monarchs, and the royal family’s attitude towards everything. They are so not like the British royal family. Maybe because they are given more privacy by the press? Who know. Anyway, congratulations to the Dutch on the new King.
6. Getting close to putting a third checkmark on the sidebar. Today I’m having a chest x-ray, and that should greatly weigh in the decision of when I can get out of here. I won’t be able to go home yet, just to a nearby rental apartment, but it will be awesome after more than 6 weeks locked up.
7. Shabbat Shalom!

7 Responses to “7 Quick Takes Friday”

  1. Ciska says:

    I really like these quick takes! I would comment on every one of them, but I should get back to work, so I’ll only respond to 6: YAY!
    Ciska recently posted..7 Quick Takes FridayMy Profile

  2. jen says:

    Yay for the new niece!!!! Yay for yarn! (Yarn is *always* a good thing.)

    My father-in-law has multiple myeloma so I was thinking of you today when I was talking with him about chemo and such things. I’m hoping for another checkmark on the sidebar soon!
    jen recently posted..Five Favorites: Miscellanea (I)My Profile

  3. Nora says:

    4. Yea for a kind businessman to do that for you!
    2. Wow. He will sing at weddings of ordinary folk or are these weddings of thw rich and/or famous?
    3. Congrats!!! What a blessing for your family!! 🙂
    6. Too excited for this possibility. Just too excited. 😀

  4. Nellie says:

    Congratulations on the new nephew!
    Nellie recently posted..PILED IT ON A LITTLE THICKERMy Profile

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