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Israel’s national selection (Kdam) is being completed tomorrow evening. It can be watched live online. I can’t wait for it! I already know who I want to vote for. Judah Gavra made it to the final through the second chance show, and I actually like his song “HaYom”, even with the disco-y beat.

Now for Hungary, the fact that ByeAlex won the national selection in front of Megasztár and X Faktor alumni has caused quite a controversy. The MTVA (Hungarian broadcaster) claims there were over 244000 votes cast for the final four, and that is no small number, especially not for Hungary. I think there is a message that Hungarians have had enough of pre-manufactured stars, though I have to admit that I liked all four songs in the final four. Heck, I liked all eight in the final!  Of course fans of the other contestants are all over the threads on the ESC related Facebook pages, and the Hungarian celebs (you know, the people who are famous for being famous) had to be heard on the matter. They say ByeAlex will not make the final in Malmö. That is possible. Like Izabo didn’t make it last year. Like over half of the contestants don’t. But you know what? It’s a very pleasant song, with beautiful, beautiful lyrics. Yes, it’s in Hungarian. Yes, it will be impossible to translate it to English. But you know what happened in 1978 and 1979? Two songs won that were in Hebrew!

A couple of posts back I posted the official video of the original version of the song. Below is the Amazon link of the Zoohacker remix, the version that was entered into the national selection. In Malmö, plans are, that the song will be performed in two languages: Hungarian and Swedish.

ByeAlex actually has a degree in Philosophy. I thought you wanted to know that.

More on the Kdam winner on Thursday!

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    Who won?
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