I Now Miss Easter


We haven’t done Easter in 6 years, and even before that Easter was the holiday when we celebrated ham and chocolate, and the boys got to increase their college fund. How they did that? By participating in the Hungarian tradition of “watering” girls. On Easter Monday boys and men visit the girls and women they know, and put some cologne on them (the tradition involved a bucket of water or a bottle of soda water in olden days) and in return they got sweets and cash. Long gone are the days when girls gave away red eggs! The boys could always make quite a bit of money from it, which always went into their savings account.

So anyway, Easter is not a holiday we celebrate, but I still love Cadbury’ Cream Eggs and Michelle sent me a link with a recipe for a home made version. I’m excited about it, and will definitely try it. Then today, as I was trying to figure out the logic of Amazon, I accidentally clicked the link to the Easter Shopand I immediately just wanted to buy half the stuff there… and there are lots of things! In addition to wanting all the candy, I found some perfect Spring dresses and some cute books and craft kids. I might or might not have ordered a Perler bead set that would make a bunny head, for my bunny loving kids…

So yes, I miss the ham, the eggs, the candy and the cookies. I miss the real feeling of spring that the continental climate gave us. I even miss the wet and cool Irish Easters. Not the religious aspect, but my childhood memories.

So now it’s time to order some tulips and to start getting ready for Passover. Clean the house, get rid of the leavening, buy the matzah. Time to enjoy the remaining rainy winter days before the summer heat hits. Time to make new memories.

14 Responses to “I Now Miss Easter”

  1. michelle says:

    I personally do not like cream eggs, but I have a niece who loves them. I may try the homemade recipe for her. I hope yours turn out .. I am not sure what mine will be like.. you have seen the results of my baking lol

  2. Milena says:

    Here, the children get colourful paper eggs filled with candy and maybe some other little gift. I have never tried Cadbury cream eggs though. Our eggs are mostly from Anthon Berg. And we eat boiled painted eggs with herring (always herring for Swedish holidays!)
    And we decorate with colourful feathers as well as little chickens and eggs, hung on bare branches put in vases – like a Christmas tree, only birch branches in a vase. I like Easter 🙂

  3. Nora says:

    Cadbury cream eggs gross me out as do Peeps. Give me solid, dark chocolate bunnies any time!!! 🙂 I think I could give up ham forever without a backward glance….but bacon???? NEVER!!!! ;p

  4. Shauna says:

    Several US newspapers also hold peeps photo contests now! Truly fun! People put together incredible peeps displays….it is amazing!

    I think I appreciate Easter as a holiday most of all. I think it has to do with spring, fresh beginnings. Though I’m not a practicing nor really a believing RC, I still try to add something in to do extra during the Lenten season, not the giving up, the adding in to benefit someone or something else. This year I am donating to an older HIV child’s adoption fund. Every little bit helps.

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