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1. Oh my gosh, Hell’s Kitchen is baaaaaack! I’m unreasonably excited. And JP is back! I love JP. And now I’m hungry for a Wellington. Not the boots. I know he has a potty mouth, but there is something about him and his shows that I just love! I loved Hotel Hell, though I haven’t been watching this season of Kitchen Nightmares. I will catch up with them later. I just bought one of his cookbooks as well. Another one. Gosh, I love his cook books. My dream is to eat at one of his restaurants once.

2. Today is March 15. Happy birthday to my friend Jon! Today is also the anniversary of the 1848 revolution in Hungary and a national holiday. Today is also the last day to enter the Spring family’s two fundraisers.

3. Did you know that soldiers with various special needs can serve in the Israel Defense Forces? Here is an article about some of them. Yes, all my children get to serve, be they deaf, HIV+ or living with CP.

4. Kevin and two of our older boys were planning on running the Tel Aviv Marathon today. The Marathon was postponed due to the extreme heat, but still shorter distances were held. One man died. Because we have a heat wave. At the same time, here is a friend’s photo from Budapest this morning:

5.  I just saw my first blurb in print! It’s a seasonal thing, for this week and Passover week to have a Passover activity day, complete with matzah baking and a model Seder. I hope it will bring in interested people.

6. Woohoo, we finally have a coalition! It took a week shy of two months, but we have a government! To be completely honest, I’m not exactly happy with the ministries handed over to the religious parties. 🙁

7. Shabbat shalom!

7 Responses to “7 Quick Takes Friday”

  1. Oh, yikes, heat wave. D: I hope you and your family are safe? The article didn’t say much about how hot it is (but then again, I guess it depends on average temperatures?).
    Bárbara Santana recently posted..7 Quick Takes Friday – #4My Profile

    • Hevel @KosherKola says:

      A 35°C high with 35% or higher humidity was expected today.

      My boys are fine, and they had a good time. They also ran 21 km at night… silly guys.

  2. …and people are running?

    I love 30%-60% humidity, but not when it’s that hot!

    Glad to hear they’re well, though. 🙂
    Bárbara Santana recently posted..7 Quick Takes Friday – #4My Profile

  3. Nora says:

    How sad to die because you were exercising!!! Poor runner.

  4. Bozot says:

    My hike is postponed due to the snowpocalypse happening here 🙁 No one has died…so far
    Bozot recently posted..Új étkekMy Profile

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