Election results are in…


Whoa, baby, this was such a surprise! OK, maybe not totally, but hey, for once exit polls were super correct!

So. Bibi seems to have won. Likud got 31 seats, which is a wonderful 11 seat loss from the18th Knesset. Netanyahu is already wooing newcomer Yesh Atid, who got 19 seats, to form a coalition. Kadima barely made it to the Knesset, and Meretz has 6 mandates. All in all the right and the left+Arab parties tie at 60 seats each. Whoever will end up forming a coalition will have a difficult time pushing through laws without the other side.

On the funny side, since there was no school yesterday–schools double as polling stations–but there was 26°C (79°F), after going voting wearing a T-shirt and shorts, Kevin, who actually has a cold, took the kids to the zoo. They had a great time.

And let me just include a very handsome voter, whose photo I stole from his FB group. The very awesome Harel Skaat, who has always encouraged people to think, and be active… and who is rewarded with a 66% voter turn out yesterday!


3 Responses to “Election results are in…”

  1. Jon says:

    Whoever will end up forming a coalition will have a difficult time pushing through laws without the other side.
    That’s probably a good thing. A good balanced look at things. Wish that could happen here.
    Of course here they would just fight and not come together. 🙁

    Hope Kevin is feeling better.
    Hugs, Jon

    • Hevel @KosherKola says:

      Well, a week after the elections some mud slinging already began as potential allies are no longer that… it will calm down. I am curious to see what Yesh Atid will end up doing.

  2. Jon says:

    Kind of sounds like Obama’s first win and the Repubs were saying before he was even sworn in that they were going to do every thing they could to make him a one term pres.
    That worked really well, didn’t it? :p
    And now we are just repeating it all over again. 🙁

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