7 Quick Takes – The First in 2013!


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  1. I can’t believe how well this year has began as far as reading goes! I started to read Torn: Rescuing the Gospel from the Gays-vs.-Christians Debateby Justin Lee last year, I was halfway through the book as the new year began and finished that evening. While I’m not a Christian, I can see why Lee is so bothered by gays vs. Christians mentality: the gospel is getting lost in the hate. It is a good read for gays and straight folks as well, especially if they are Christians. You can agree or disagree, but the points Justin Lee makes cannot be ignored without some thinking.I am also halfway through Elie Wiesel’s book about Rashi, one of the greatest Torah and Talmud scholars. At the same time I’m reading C.S. Lewis’ “The Problem of Pain.” “The Simple Way” by St. Teresa of Lisieux and Neil Gaiman’s “American Gods” are also waiting to be read. This was made possible by my new glasses. I am really glad I listened to
  2. All this reading was made possible by my new glasses. I am really glad I listened to Kevin when he suggested I get at least two pairs of multifocals and a pair for reading only. That, and Jill reminding me that Kindle has an app for Android devices. And she and Hope Anne always mentioning free things that are available to read. Yep. They created a monster. A monster that can be fed with Amazon Gift Certificates that bring instant gratification in the Kindle shop. Mentioning that, Hope Anne is giving away one of those for her international readers, and a Starbucks and an iTunes one and some other goodies for her US readers. Yes, I know I mentioned that before, but free reading/coffee/music is awesome. All it takes is a FB share or blog shout and a comment (or only a comment!) and you can win this:
    Wow, I can’t believe the tangents in this quick take!
  3. Oxford shirts. I’m not sure I should expand on this quick take, but if I ever had a fan club they’d have Oxford shirts as the fan club shirts. 😀 What else? Of course for that I should start writing. At this point I’m too lazy to do it, but maybe in the future. I have three awesome opening and three awesome closing sentences for three novels. I only need the cca. 300 pages between them. Times three.
  4. I have Peter Pan on DVD now. I mean the production that we just saw over Chanukah. Still a riot! Unfortunately Israel is now Skaat free zone, as he is abroad, so I have to make up by watching the DVD. In the car. See below.
  5. Today I’m going to Eilat! My grandma invited me for a visit, so I’m taking Eli, who needs some homeschooling attention. Kevin is going to take us, stay for Saturday and drive home early Sunday so he can get to work on time. I hope Eilat will have some nice weather for our visit. It would be nice to have a few degrees more and some sunshine.
  6. Justin apparently mastered microwaving turkey bacon to perfection. I’m so proud. He already has college survival skills: can make Ramen and bacon. On a more serious note, I am very happy that the boys are getting better in the kitchen and other household skills. Except ironing. They are pretty good at laundry, too! I find it rather funny when they are talking about different detergents and fabric softeners! The longest time is spent in the fabric softener aisle, because the kids love to smell all the different scents.
  7. Shabbat Shalom! I’ll have my grandma’s cholent with stuffed goose neck tonight! I am also going to have a gazillion types of sandwiches the coming week. Some are pretty traditional. Some are less so, like the nut and raisin sandwich my grandma makes for tea.

Today’s 7 Quick Takes are hosted by Moxie Wife. Thank you.

13 Responses to “7 Quick Takes – The First in 2013!”

  1. Ciska says:

    I should really enter Hope Ann’s giveaway. Those are such nice prices!
    Have a lovely holiday!
    Ciska recently posted..Protected: I.T. (4) So Many Excuses …My Profile

  2. Jill says:

    1. I’m glad you finally got to read Torn. One day we’ll talk about it more…happy reading otherwise! I should be getting a new book on Tuesday for a facebook book club I joined…you’ll see.;)
    2. I love Hope Anne…and her family. You should definitely enter her giveaway.
    3. If that’s the case, Vera is already in your fan club, having received a total of FOUR Oxford shirts for Christmas. I know what the pocket monogram on my Team Hevel Oxford shirt is, though: JIAR. It just seems fitting.
    4. I don’t think I’ll repeat my comment on the RL video. Discretion is the better part of valour and all that.
    5. Soak in the Vitamin D! And enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!
    6. I’m with the boys…love the fake clean scents.
    7. Shabbat Shalom!! Enjoy the great food that only grandmothers can correctly make!

    • Hevel @KosherKola says:

      1. Yes, I can’t wait! I think I might need to go back and re-read certain parts, and take notes. I should also write a proper review. As proper as I’m capable of. What FB book club?
      2. Me, too! I entered it, you should, too.
      3. I think Vera is a member of the Oxford Shirt Fan Club. Me, too. 😀 And yes, JIAR. 😀
      4. LOL. Still makes me laugh. It’s PETER PAN!!!!
      5. That’s the plan. The room we have has huge windows and there is lots of light while it’s also warm.
      6. I like the fruity scents.
      7. My grandma very correctly ordered pizza. 🙂

      • Jill says:

        1. The book should show up for you today. It’s about China’s female factory workers who have migrated from the rural areas. The other participants are like me, adoptive moms of Chinese kids.
        4. Two words: tan line
        7. That’s the kind of grandmother my kids have, actually! And…it may well be the type my own grandchildren get. 😉

        • Hevel @KosherKola says:

          1. If there ever will be reports. 😀
          4. He didn’t have one when we saw it in the theatre. Though it did guide the eye in the promo shots.
          7. She also has cholent. I am eating cholent with bread sticks.

  3. Andi says:

    Milyen az a mikrohullámos pulykamell?!
    Szeretném… 🙂
    Andi recently posted..Süti, ha fel kell dobnod a napod valami finivel!My Profile

    • Hevel @KosherKola says:

      Pulyka bacon.A rendes bacont is csinálhatod így: papírörlő közé teszed a bacont, és be a mikróba. Teljesen kisül a zsírja.

  4. doesitevenmatter3 says:

    So so so many things to smile about here! 🙂
    You’re doing some great reading!
    I followed the tangents with no problem! 🙂
    Your grandma sounds like someone we should all visit. 🙂
    Where abroad would Mr. Skaat be?!

  5. doesitevenmatter3 says:

    Paris. Darn. He should be where I are. I have a hug for him.

  6. Shauna says:

    I just laughed when you thought you are lazy!! Good one, and far from true! Maybe just preoccupied for now!

    Have a great visit!

    • Hevel @KosherKola says:

      Actually I’d have the time to write if I could actually convince myself that the effort would be worth not wasting time on watching reruns of Storage Wars.

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