These are Days of Light


One day my kids will be grown, and hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to open a little bookstore. Maybe a used bookstore? In the bookstore I would have a coffee corner: selling simple coffee and pastry, with comfortable chairs. I’d sit there, and listen to whoever came by and had something to share. Not give advice, not ask… just listen. I am normally pretty good at listening (even if Hope Anne and Jill disagree with me on this). Just sit and listen to strangers, who have something to say, be it about weird conspiracy theories, their Shabbat menu, or the problem they are facing.


Because as I sit here, with the lights flickering in my windows, with the winter sky smiling down at me, I realize… “and we begin to light up the world… we can light up the world.” Part of it is just giving some time to others to let them discover the solutions to the questions and problems they have… much like many of you have done for me.

Chanukah comes during the longest, darkest nights on the Northern hemisphere. Those little candles in the windows illuminate the night.

Yes, I realize this post doesn’t make sense. It’s late and my wrist hurts and I have taken pain meds and…

Enjoy this song.

6 Responses to “These are Days of Light”

  1. Jill says:

    I think you are a wonderful listener, Hevel. And I think you already shine a bright light in the world exactly where you are, doing exactly what you do with sincerity and hope and great love. But I would definitely come to your bookstore, and buy a decaf, and sit down and talk…and talk…and talk. And be filled with light.

  2. doesitevenmatter3 says:

    This does make sense. A lot of sense.
    Listening…really listening…is something most people are unable to do.
    Tonight I long for someone to listen to me…to really hear my heart…to understand. But no one is here.
    I hope your dream of the bookstore, the coffee, and the listening happens for you.
    You, your words, the music you share (and so much more) is often a light to me. Thank you.

    • Hevel @KosherKola says:

      *HUGS* For some weird reason I didn’t see this comment till now. 🙁 I hope you found someone to listen. It’s so very important.

  3. Milena says:

    I agree with what Jill wrote.

    I truly enjoy reading what you write here, and I love bookstores. I would love to come to your bookstore!

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