8 Moments for 8 Nights

  1. As the Shabbat is going out, we are preparing to light the last candle on the chanukiyah. One last night, one last day, and then the Festival of Lights is over for another year. The lights to proclaim G-d’s miracle will not be burning in the windows, but they should live on in Jewish hearts throughout the year.
  2. Yesterday the family went ice skating. My kids got new-to-them skates from my brother (not as a Chanukah present, but during Chanukah). A lot of fun was had by everyone. The kids and Kevin skated, and I watched them and had hot chocolate. of course it was a pleasant 18°C.
  3. After initial losses due to some dreidel misfortune, I was getting low on my gelt. Probably eating the chocolate didn’t help my “financial” situation. Luckily, being the dad, i could purchase more gelt, and also break out some of the less-than-kosher hidden chocolate coin reserves from Ireland…
    Can you see that mermaid?

    Can you see that mermaid?


  4. Thank you, my dear friends, who taught me how to create square photos on my camera. We have used that function a lot during this holiday season! We are selecting our favourite photos to print a big poster from, and with using squares it’s a lot easier to design. You know those small picture tiles make a big picture things? Yes, making one of those.
  5. I didn’t go to Festigal after all, but I heard it was awesome. I did go to Peter Pan with the younger twins and Craig as my right hand (seriously, I’m a rightie, and I broke my right wrist), and we all had fun. We went on Thursday, not on Monday when Harel Skaat, playing Peter Pan, got stuck in the air. Anyway, we liked it! I love Peter Pan, and I think my kids are infected with the love as well.
  6. Thank you, Matisyahu, for giving us another great Hanukkah song!

    Yes, I do like the new look of Matisyahu so much more than the old one. He looks about 25 years younger, which with him being like 33 is quite something to achieve. Watch the video below from two years ago of his singing the Hanukkah blessing. Please also note that he is about the same age in this video as Harel Skaat is in this one.

    He shed the beard, shed the kipah, and he is still Matisyahu. Happy Hanukkah!
  7. Now that wen are all home we have been watching some TV and I realized I was really badly cheated by the schools I went to! For history I was taught about Charlemagne, Luther, Stalin, Brian Boru and the Easter rising and other equally distant things in the past. Never once were ice road truckers, pawn stars, storage wars and ancient aliens part of my curriculum! And those are the things that seem to take up 2/3 of the History Channel’s programming. Don’t take me wrong, while I think most of those shows are dead boring, I am quite a fan of Ancient Aliens. It’s just as scientific and entertaining as the X-Files. OK, maybe the X-Files were a bit more scientific.
  8. Now that I’m on a Matisyahu kick, I have his song One Day playing right now, and can’t help but think of the news that spread around the world so fast yesterday from Connecticut. I know, the song is not exactly about what happened yesterday, but I do hope for a day when people will decide to live in peace and without violence, so no more children–and adults–have to die because of violence. Maybe. One day.

4 Responses to “8 Moments for 8 Nights”

  1. Andi says:

    Az a “sellős” érme ismerős…
    De nem csak 1 volt belőle, ugye??? 😀
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  2. Annie says:

    Have to tell you – someone (one of my religion teachers, actually) gave me a small menorah. It came with the loveliest note about God’s providence, with a suggestion that we light a candle each night and remember one bright thing about Ilya which we will keep bright in our minds and hearts. I just thought that so lovely!

    It also seemed to require that I make latkes – and heavens! They turned out GREAT!
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    • Hevel @KosherKola says:

      That actually made me smile. One of the great things about these winter holidays is that they all focus on light! Diwali, Hanukkah carry that in their explanatory name of “Fastival of light(s)”. And Christmas is the celebration of the Light of the World being born as a baby. Let’s not forget all the Solstice related celebrations either!

      That light, that brightness is perfect for remembering the good, the wonderful, even when there are so many dark things around.

      Congrats on the latkes!

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