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  1. Oh my gosh, Chanukah begins tomorrow! The chanukiyot are out of their boxes, most are on the windowsills and the last two are being polished. Yes, we have a lot of chanukiyot. And those of you, who are new to my blog, a chanukiyah is a Chanukah menorah, with 9 arms instead of the 7 arms of the temple menorah.
  2. No, I still haven’t decided how I will spell Chanukah Hanuka Chanukkah Hannukah. And neither have most of the dictionaries. In Hungarian, for example, the most common words imported from Hebrew do have a standardized spelling. Like sufganiyah is spelled as “fánk”. What, those silly Hungarian prefer to use their own words for things that exist in Hungarian as well. 🙂
  3. Yesterday the kids’ school had their Chanukah shows, parade, and Dreidel Casino event. First all the classes celebrated in their classrooms, did their own little shows, and then they paraded their costumes and performed something for the whole school and the parents. I only had to go to two class shows, but all my kids were involved in the performances for the big crowd. One of the classes performed a song by Matisyahu, which was actually very cute and funny. And quite ear splitting, but oh well. I think they were just too young for the song, but the kids voted to sing it, so their teacher helped them do their best. They also sang a medley of kid songs, and that was pretty good.
  4. At the dreidel casino Kevin won 6 bars of Elite Milk, Aero style, diet and strawberry filled chocolate. Of course they didn’t last long. 🙂
  5. This year our goal was to make 150 sufganiyot. I found a recipe last year that makes doughnuts last about a week, so we used it. We spent two days making them, and I’m happy to report that we completed the mission, and we have plenty of sufganiyot for the first half of the holiday… and we can buy them at the kiosk or the bakery for the second half. Or we can just eat latkes.
  6. Yes, of course I’m going to post the video of Harel Skaat singing the Chanukah blessings for the first night! And the BNL song as well. What else was anyone expecting of me?
  7. Shabbat Shalomv’Chag Chanukah Sameach!

12 Responses to “7 Quick Takes Friday”

  1. Galit says:

    Chag Sameach! I have been on a low-carb diet, and it’s been working, so I am working on some alternative Hanukah recipes… Planning on some carrot/zucchini latkes, and almond-meal sufganiyot. Yes, I will have the usual fare available for the rest of the family, in order to avert a palace rebellion.
    Galit recently posted..A "Helen Keller" storyMy Profile

  2. Ciska says:

    Do you have a good recipe for latkes? My cousin gave me one. She’s a “missionary christian”, don’t know if that’s an accurate description, they are christian but act like jews or something like that. Anyway, it was a LOT of work and it didn’t turn out that special, so I wonder if you might have a better recipe.
    Enjoy Chanukah. Or Hannukah. Or you know, your holidays. 🙂
    Ciska recently posted..7 Quick Takes Friday – SinterklaasMy Profile

    • Hevel @KosherKola says:

      Is she, by any chance, a Messiahnic Jew? Ones that we refer to as wananbe Jews? 😉

      Anyway, I like to use two different recipes. Both are simple, IMHO. Have you ever had tócsni (lepcsánka, pacsni) while in Hungary? I use a simple one that calls for grated potatoes (I put them through a food processor if in a hurry), salt, pepper, eggs and flour and frying them. I usually serve this one with sour cream that has garlic and ground pepper mixed in.

      The other recipe is actually is almost identical to the the first or second one Google brings up now, http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Potato-Latkes-104406, I just absolutely don’t do measurements any more.

      • Andi says:

        Igen, igen, TÓCSNI! 😀
        Az nagyon fincsi!
        (Te kis fánksütő bajnok! Még mindíg ezen vagyok elképedve…) 😀
        Andi recently posted..Ma Karácsony van!My Profile

      • jen says:

        Messianic Jews make me roll my eyes.

        I lovelovelove the BNL “Hannukah Blessings” song.
        jen recently posted..7 Quick Takes: Introducing Kaia, Starching Snowflakes, and Cats Playing with RibbonsMy Profile

        • Hevel @KosherKola says:

          I really don’t get Messiahnic “Jews”. Most aren’t even Jews. I mean just because one moves their worship to the Sabbath from the 1st day and start to wear a kippah they are still gentiles. I think even Karaites agree with that.

      • Ciska says:

        I don’t think they’re Messiahnic Jews. For starters, they’re clearly christians, not Jews. They just celebrate all the Jewish holidays, eat kosher etc. It seems more like a lifestyle than a real theological beliefsystem. We’re not that close, so I don’t really know. She has a blog (hasn’t blogged in a while and it’s in Dutch, so I’m not posting the link), where she posted a bit about her family and religious practices and the “theology” she wrote about sounds very evangelical, not at all jewish, though she seems to think it is.
        I’m gonna try that recipe! Maybe even during Hannukah if I find the time this week …
        Ciska recently posted..7 Quick Takes Friday – SinterklaasMy Profile

        • Hevel @KosherKola says:

          Now that is the funny thing about Messiahnic “Jews”. They are Evangeliucal Christians, who throw in Hebrew and Yiddish words for their theology and twist and turn Jewish customs to fit their Christian theology. There is nothing Jewish about Messiahnics.

  3. doesitevenmatter3 says:

    I love love LOVE this time of year…especially all the kid activities…musicals, parades, plays, etc!!! I get so excited!!!

    Yay on #4 and #6!!!

    Enjoy your celebrations!!!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

    • Hevel @KosherKola says:

      I totally love the kid centeredness of this time of the year! 😀 We are going to Festigal, Peter Pan, play with dreidels (they are boring on the third day… ugh) and go skating!

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