7 Things about Kristallnacht and the Shoah

  1. 73 years ago tonight in Germany and Austria, Jewish owned buildings, shops and places of worship were attacked, with the active participation of the SA and civillians alike. Those who didn’t participate in the breaking, robbing and burning… stood by quietly.  
  2. 91 Jews were killed and 30 000 arrested and transported to concentration camps following Kristallnacht.
  3. Kristallnacht, literally meaning crystal night, is also known as the Night of the Broken Glass, because the broken windows of Jewish owned businesses covered the streets. 
  4. The events of Kristallnacht was applauded by German Lutheran bishop Martin Sasse, who was joyful that on the birthday of the greatest anti-Semite of his time the synagogues all over his homeland were burning. Yes, he was referring to Luther.
  5. It’s quite likely that Luther’s writing from 1543, titled On the Jews and Their Lies was a blueprint for the events of Kristallnacht. 
  6. The night of November 9 was a turning point, and is generally considered to be the beginning of the Shoah–the Holocaust.

  7. Never again!
The 7 Quick takes are hosted by Jen of Conversion Diary.

11 Responses to “7 Things about Kristallnacht and the Shoah”

  1. Milena says:

    Never again! It so scares me how little many people learn and understand from our past. We are all human beings of equal value. Where is the difficult in that?

  2. Hannah says:

    I hate that history is no longer taught and people no longer understand how forgetting the past dooms us to repeat it in the future.

    • Hevel @KosherKola says:

      Exactly! History has this spiral way of things happening over and over again, because we simply don’t learn.

  3. doesitevenmatter3 says:

    Never again!!!
    Thank you for sharing this post. It brought tears.
    Everyone in the world(no matter ethnicity, religion, politics, language, etc.) is more alike than we are different. I never understand why people can’t help each other on this journey. 🙁
    The movie Cloud Atlas made me think about the fact that the past greatly effects us…and we must use it to make today and the future better.

  4. Leah says:

    My boys learned next to nothing about the Holocaust in school, but as a parent I had them watch many documentaries about it. If our children don’t know, it will only be repeated again!
    Leah recently posted..SoccerMy Profile

  5. Jon says:

    So much awful. 🙁

    I understand now when you commented that you were not a fan of Luther.
    Embarrassed that he was the beginning of my Christian Church. 🙁
    Hugs, Jon

  6. Jon says:

    Thank goodness. Ugh…

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