Happy Birthday Ezra and Shiri!


Wow. My youngest two are now 4!

This is their 3rd birthday with us. I asked them what they wantd for their birthdays, and the list for both of them included some books. And a Barbie. And a new car. Make that a truck. One in which he can carry some sand. And Harel.

And please, some red and green straws. And polka dot socks.

Isn’t it fun to be a child?

13 Responses to “Happy Birthday Ezra and Shiri!”

  1. Galit says:

    Ah the joys of being 4! I have one of those right now. Then there are the adolescent girls who basically want clothes and electronics. And pets.

    Mazal tov!

    • Hevel @KosherKola says:

      It’s the age when kids become really fun and enjoyable for me. There, I said it. I don’t really do well with little kids, but when they start to understand the world and have the verbal reasoning ability, it becomes a lot more fun. 😀

  2. Annie says:

    The polka dot socks grab my fancy, actually….and I’m not likely to get even that for my birthday. Funny thing….

  3. Ciska says:

    I’m the sucker who would get them everything on the list … just because they’re so cute!

  4. Ciska says:

    😀 Make sure not to spoil them rotten!

  5. Jill says:

    Of course you got them polka dot socks! I think you might have even had they not been on the list!

    I love those years when they play in the sand with dump trucks and shovels. We had a huge pile of sand on our property for years. Whenever it would get low, I would get another truck load delivered. Hours and hours and hours of fun! (Even for the big kids)

    Glad your babies had such a great birthday!!!

  6. doesitevenmatter3 says:

    4!!! Best age ever!!! Happy Birthday to Ezra and Shiri!!!
    I love new socks…and polka dot ones sound cool!!!
    “And Harel”…:-)

  7. Jon Hayenga says:

    Aww, can I have some polka dot socks too? 🙂
    Hugs, Jon

  8. Jon Hayenga says:

    I have some orange and black striped ones for Halloween. :p

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