7 Quick Takes

  1. So it’s now Sukkot. Another one of our lovely autumn holidays. This involves a sukkah, that is a booth outside, nicely decorated, where we eat and are supposed to sleep. My kids actually do that. Me… not so much. I spent Tuesday night and will do the same tonight in the sukkah. 
  2. When asked what Sukkot was, Ezra answered that is the holiday when we pet the etrog. The funny thing is, years ago Justin said the same thing! The etrog is a type of citron, that is part of the Four Species. We handle and wave them daily. And the kids pet the etrog. 🙂
  3. Wifi reaches our sukkah (yay!) and I’m blogging there right now. I am also having the best giggle at the below video. Of course to get the fun factor out of it you need to read the English translation copied from the video’s description and you also need to know that Harel Skaat seems to be invited to every patriotic or memorial day musical event to sing. 🙂 The other guy is Israeli comedian, actor, writer Guri Alfi.

    when things are discouraging,
    and the country is under fire,
    there is always a singer who sings the “touching song”
    and this time,
    that’s me.
    trembling legs, the heart is broken
    so they’ve also put a bar stool
    and that’s why.. the serious face.(guri)
    it will give an amazing effect
    if I’ll do a hoarse voice,
    and combine a windshield wipers move..
    it’s always cute(harel)
    to look like i’m sad and pensive
    I’ll pretend that I’ve seen here a mouse.(both)
    this is the “touching song” x2

    ooh how exciting it could be
    if we’ll add to the chorus a little bit of vo-o-o-ocals

    this is the “touching song” x2

    the crowd will light candles
    to make a sadness feeling
    and if I want to increase it
    I can always get out of the chorus, rhyme or.. rhythm

    and if that doesn’t help,
    I’ve got a huge trick
    I will think, like an absentminded, where did i put my wallet

    this is the “touching song” x2

    It’s a long and fussy song
    so now we’ll do a modulation
    one more high note and i’ll be needing an inhalation.

    I gave everything I had
    too bad..(harel) we do not have a violin
    then, we’ll finish and I ask-
    hila, turn off the lights.

    (and keep one light on. ha ha ha
    she’s not my wife
    ..that’s somebody else! yes.. )

  4. I have been cooking a lot lately. I have been also spending quite a bit of time on Pinterest looking for fun recipes to try. I have done very known variety of breakfast in a  muffin tin, I think. We love them! I made soem English muffins and with the left over sausage and eggs, we replicated one of our favourite fast food breakfast items!
  5. Don’t be alarmed by the suddenly popping up Amazon banners on my sidebar. Their number will be greatly reduced, I’m just trying to find the widget I like the most. I guess I will stick with the carousel and a small current promotion banner… I just couldn’t choose between Fall reading and Halloween. While we don’t do Halloween here, I’m Irish and I have fond memories of that day from my chidhood. I can’t ait for Purim to dress up and be silly! I might actually bake some pumpkin muffins with the kids for Halloween.
  6. I was going to write about our new congregation, but this take got so long, that it deserves its own post.
  7. Shabbat shalom!

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6 Responses to “7 Quick Takes”

  1. Andi says:

    Héééé, nem csoda, hogy színészkedik, egy a Harel egy mókamiki! 😀

  2. Jill says:

    1. I hope you are sleeping well under the sukkah tonight.
    2. I still have no idea what an etrog actually IS.
    3. RL is distractingly cute but considerably funnier than I might have expected. Did I mention cute?
    4. You made English muffins? Wow!
    5. You know how easily alarmed I am! Settle the blog down!
    6. I can’t wait to read it. (still a fan of the new rabbi…)
    7. Shalom!

    (Did I already mention CUTE?)

    • Kosher Kola says:

      1. I think you might be a tad distracted by something. But our night in the sukkah was pretty good.
      2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Etrog This is all there is to know about the etrog.
      3. RL is funny. And he is originally an actor. And very cute.
      4. There was no beer around,s o definitely not Irish muffins.
      5. LOL. I actually don’t like that smart ad thing Amazon tells me will work with a unique understanding of my blog: the only thing I knew what it was on the first impression was Chris Rene’s album.
      6. I’m a fan, too. He thinks Harel Skaat is cute.
      7. Shalom aleichem.

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