The Dead Sea Adventure


It was a great trip to the Dead Sea! We normally take a day trip to one of the beaches, because it’s just over two hours away from us, but we stayed for two nights this time. We went to Ein Bokek, and stayed in a lovely apartment style suite, and enjoyed the Dead Sea tremendously. We were lucky as Amir could join us!

The first thing everyone tends to notice is that the float! I mean it’s next to impossible to sink, because of the salt content of the water. Some of my Utah readers have had that fun experience in the Great Salt Lake. Well, the Dead Sea is even better! Plus it’s below sea level, and it takes longer to get sun burnt, so it’s all fun and adventures in the sun. In the winter, if you happen to come then, the water is actually warmer than the air, which isn’t cold at all around 20掳C. So it’s year-round fun. Now this is why I’m surprised we hadn’t been for over a year!

Once everyone was satisfied with the floating, the play with the mud began. Both the water–that is not salty because NaCl alone, but because of all kinds of minerals–and the mud of the Dead Sea are good for humans. It apparently does wonders with skin–from acne to wrinkles to eczema–and it definitely helps with my achy, arthritic joints. Oh my gosh, it’s been only three days and I think I can tackle crocheting again. Yay!

We spent two and a half days enjoying our mini vacation, and in addition to swimming and then swimming and even more swimming, we went to learn more about the Qumran Scrolls, It was a nice educational experience. We learnt more about the Essenes, self appointed messiahs of the 1st century CE and the digitalization project concerning the scrolls. We also saw some Roman ruins. The kids enjoyed this little trip as much as Kevin and I did. Thank goodness. 馃檪

This was Harel’s, Eli’s, Noya’s and Itai’s first time at the Dead Sea. The letter two had passed by the area, but they never experienced it in the 8ish years they have been in Israel. Harel loved swimming with his mom and all the uncles, and he sure loved being dirty and not being forced to shower right away! Eli shared a memory of his family taking a trip to the Solotvyno lake when he was around 8, and how much fun that was… except it was a lot colder!

One of the highlights of the trip was dinner yesterday. There was a place selling freshly roasted lamb with various side dishes, so we opted for that, and eating outside in the dark. There were lights, of course, but we ate on the beach, on a picnic blanket. The younger and middle kids were just so excited! Maybe we should do that more often at home. Well, with Sukkot they will have a week of unusual eating arrangements, for sure. Later in the evening, before the older boys were to get back, I asked Kevin to grab a few more plates for a late night second dinner for them. The guy gave Kevin all the leftovers FREE. I’m really not used to people doing that for us. We really apreciated, and the boys polished off the extra food.

We decided to leave around noon, so we’d have time put up the sukkah before the holiday began. Once again, unexpected help came in the form of my brother and Noah putting it up by the time we got home. We only had to decorate. I think Efi and Maya especially were thrilled to get a 5kg bag of Dead Sea salt as a souvenir. 馃檪

We actually really like Dead Sea products in our family. We use local brands, but there are some things on Amazon I can recommend to anyone. I personally love the brand name “Ahava”. It means love. We use mud soaps and face masks all the time. The adventage of being gay is that I don’t have to be embarrassed to admit that. 馃槈 They have been great for our teenage boys as well. Because I just like to see the clicks on my affiliates profile, here is an Amazon widget to show off some of the things I keep sending to my sister in FL.

If you come here from Hungary, you can get Dead Sea goodness through AVON! Look! (I’m fairly sure AVON has it in different countries, as well,a s part of the Planet Spa line of products.)

That mud mask is awesome! So is the body butter. And it lasts forever. Seriously. The hand and foot creams are great, too. You can get the hand and foot cream for less than HUF 1000 this campaign. If you don’t have an AVON rep already, leave a comment, and I’ll find someone for you. 馃檪

Even better, when you visit Israel or Jordan, make sure you make a trip to this wonderful place. Just be careful not to go to one of the gender segregated beaches that the Ultra Orthodox maintain. Or if you do, make sure you are of the right gender!

12 Responses to “The Dead Sea Adventure”

  1. Andi says:

    脰r眉l枚k, hogy ilyen j贸l siker眉lt ez a kis kiruccan谩s! 馃槈

  2. Andi says:

    …Boz贸tt贸l az a magyar-izraeli keresztszemes…

  3. doesitevenmatter3 says:

    Glad you and your family had great travel and a GREAT trip!
    This post made me smile! 馃檪 You all made some amazing memories!!! 馃檪
    Oh…and YAY for Avon!!!
    HUGS! C. 馃檪

  4. Leah says:

    I saw the Dead sea once! Unfortunately it was April and quite cool. Because I come from the northern midwest in the US, it never occurred to me the water might be warmer than the air temperature. The next time I see it, (and there will be a next time, hopefully this summer) I’m sticking my feet in! There are some Dead Sea containing products sold where I am at the Mall of America. I have no idea if they’re truly authentic, but the salt does some amazing exfoliating!

    • Kosher Kola says:

      Are the Seacret? Those are authentic. 馃榾 There are many brands that are actually packaged/manufactured here and sold in the States. They are more expensive than what I pay locally.

  5. Jon Hayenga says:

    Sounds like a great trip. 馃檪
    What kind of Roman ruins did you see? Do they have buildings or statues kind of stuff?
    Sounds like even I could swin there. lol…
    Hugs, Jon

    • Kosher Kola says:

      It was the ruins of a Roman fort. Kids decided it was the perfect place to start to quote The Life Of Brian. 馃榾

  6. Jon Hayenga says:

    WOW, your kids can quote Monty Python? Sweet. 馃檪

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