7 Quick Takes on the Shabbat

    1. Yes, it’s the Shabbat, yes, I’m online, yes I’m a bad Jew. Why would I make a better Jew than I was Catholic/LDS?
    2. Itai and Noya are back, thanks to the miriad of social workers, lawyers and other child welfare professionals who decided to fight the system and bring them home. A great big Todah! goes out to all of them. I’d especially like to thank the teachers and caregivers for the great care they received while they were gone, and I’m sure he will forever cherish that Manchester United shirt he got from his room parent… after a week!
    3. I really haven’t much to share about this week: I slept through the better part of three days. I think my body needed it, because I am feeling so much better, yet I still tire easily. So I’m trying to take it easy, and I spend a lot of time in my room or in the garden, reading. I just finished yet another science fiction novel, and I’m starting to read a textbook for Uni. I actually love reading textbooks, especially those that I don’t need to read. I’m halfway through this textbook, skipping assignment sections, just the texts… it’s fun. I’m also having fun reading through a Gordon Ramsay cook book now. While most of the recipes are far from kosher, but they inspire me and give all kinds of ideas about what to feed my family. 
    4. SPOILER ALERT! Mentioning Gordon Ramsay, yay for the Christina/Justin final! I have been expecting that and hoping for it for a while, and I have wanted Christina in the final from the second week! Christina looked fabulous in the green dress! And Justin and Chef Scott were funny. I can’t believe that after 13 seasons (3 UK, 10 US) I still love this show and will be sad when it’s done next week. Hotel Hell is also on break (will it be renewed?) and wow, am I scared to sleep in any hotel bed now? Well, not the hotel where we stayed, but… any hotel where I don’t know the owner and the management. 
    5. Tim Miller commented on my Facebook! Provided, I was posting about his book Shirts & Skin, but still, he commented on my Facebook! 
    6. I think I want to make some fish with ruccola mashed potatoes tomorrow. Either that or meat loaf. Should I start posting recipes again?
    7. The Shabbat went out between the first and the 7th quick take. A new week has begun, and this week I have a very important doctor’s appointment. The next Quick takes will be the last of the year… 5773 is coming in… 8 days. 🙂 So excited for the holidays!

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10 Responses to “7 Quick Takes on the Shabbat”

  1. De says:

    Glad you got some rest. Insomnia still robs me of sleep most nights, but meds help sometimes.

    I very much like reading other people’s recipes so I vote, Yes! post them.

    Happy Holidays!


    • Hevel says:

      Insomnia sucks! I had such a hard time sleeping for weeks, I needed these three days.

      With Yonah’s boyfriend here and both of them loving to cook, I’m starting to learn more about African (Ethiopian and South African/Namibian) cuisine and cooking… so there are now new dishes coming out of my kitchen!

  2. Jill says:

    1. Because you care more about it?
    2. Beyond happy! A lot a lot happy!
    3. Good for you for taking it easy and reading, reading, reading. Lather, rinse, repeat.
    4. Ummm…I don’t watch, so yay for a green dress?! Lol
    5. Yay for his posting and input, and ouch. :*(
    6. I’ve been waiting on your recipes so….yes!
    7. Cool. We must discuss. 🙂

  3. Sue says:

    Yes, recipes, please!! I don’t care for Gordon Ramsay’s TV show, but he can cook for sure.

    • Hevel says:

      He sure can! He has shows where he reall doesn’t swear that much. It’s kind of boring that way, to be honest. I had the chance to eat at two of his restaurants before, and while he wasn’t there, the food we got there was awesome.

  4. Andi says:

    Visszamehetnek hozzátok a tesók??? Jól értem?

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