We survived!


Two things happened the last two days that were risky: the Hungarian Beer Party and the first day of school. Both went unexpectedly well, even if I got somewhat light headed during the former and a little stressed during the latter.

The Hungarian Beer party normally a whole weekend or at least a whole day, but this year it was an afternoon and evening. In addition to it being the night before school started, we had some new additions with us, so I went into the event with plans B and C and D and possibly E if things didn’t go well. But they did. There were cauldrons of food, grilling, lots of ice cream, a volleyball net, sprinklers, swings and karaoke to keep all the kids and adults busy. The adults also had access to some Hungarian beer and pálinka, which I had more than one of.




9 Responses to “We survived!”

  1. Andi says:

    Ma a goubán is volt kint valaki Zwack Kosher szilvával, és egyből Te jutottál az eszembe! 😀
    Az a málna ágyon érlelt, meg a mézes ágyas meggy… Uhhh, fincsi lehet!

  2. doesitevenmatter3 says:

    Your first paragraph made me laugh! 🙂 YAY on the fun party! Yay on surviving it AND the first day of school!!! 🙂 Maybe one helped you survive the other. ???
    HUGS! 🙂

  3. Galit says:

    Sounds like fun…… What’s palinka? Some kind of fruity liquor?

  4. Bozót says:

    Sounds good!

  5. Annie says:

    I kind of like the bottles! I doubt I’d like drinking it, though…..however, on consideration…maybe tossing some down would be just the ticket about now.

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