Kids, shorts, and flip flops


Summer is in full swing. We have a little less than 3 weeks left before school begins. Yonah and all the middles are now home. 😀 Kevin, Bella and baby Harel, however, are in Russia now, where Bella’s older sister got married on Friday. This sister is an orphanage graduate, a success story and a poster child for in country orphan care. The wedding was beautiful, the party great, and everyone, including the baby, had a great time. He is not that much of a baby anymore: he is a tiny tornado on two feet. They are coming home early tomorrow morning, and then the whole family is off to a Hungarian Beer Party at a nearby location.

OK, so the kids got home on Thursday from the States. They loved their time there, but they were very happy to get home. Matthew literally jumped onto me, almost knocking me over, being that excited to see me. They originally planned to stay up late to tell me alllll about their time in Cali and FL and NYC (thanks Grampa, Gannie, Ilona and Nathan!) but they were all asleep by 8:30 p.m. We did most of the catching up yesterday. They did have a blast! They spent every last cent of their pocket money, and brought a whole lot of pesents for the siblings that couldn’t go. It included a little inflatable wading pool for the littles! The kids pooled the remainder of their money and bought it on the last day. Yesterday we also had a great time enjoying the beach, replacing part of their and my wradrobe and eating home made chicken sandwiches.

Kids can grow a lot in one month, and while they will get the school uniforms from Ireland when my auntie comes for a little visit of the Holy Land, their non-school clothes no longer fit properly. I tossed quite a few that will find a new life as cleaning rags, moved some to storage bins, and others to a different kid’s closet wardrobe. We do not have closets. 🙂 They needed new clothes as well, so we went shopping. I also decided to use some of the gift card I got from my dad and bought some clothes, including swimming shorts. My most expensive pairs ever. Also probably the ones I’ve loved the most, like, ever. I think they will last me several seasons, and that way they will be well worth the money paid for them.

As I was unpacking the kids’ luggage, I found several pairs of flip flops. In my family we only wear flip flops in the house or to the beach. I’m a bit more lenient with the older kids wearing them, but anyone under 16 only gets to wear them at these two places. In addition to looking horrible, flip flops are also not optimal for the growing children’s feet. Especially not for Matthew, who doesn’t need supportive devices, but he needs good shoes to function really well. They all have a pair of flip flops, Croc or Ipanema, so the cheapsy, dollar store like shoes went straight to the trashcan. There will be some whining about it when they realize, I’m sure about that, but really… why wear flip flops when you can wear attractive shoes as well?

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  1. Leah says:

    I wear flip flops a lot, but only because I can never find sandals that are comfortable on my feet. Even flip flops don’t feel that great to me, and yes, they’re terrible for your feet! None of my kids have flip flops. Angela can’t walk in them, and I doubt Asher can. Axel can but if he has them he becomes obsessed with wearing them. I let him wear them a slippers around the house. My kids with DS have flat feet and need good support. All three have some type of orthosis in their shoes.

    • Hevel says:

      Yep, same here. I can’t wear anything resembling flip flops with my prosthetics, either, and my kids are prone to flat feet and ankle problems. So no flip flops for them.

      Do you get Bama shoes there? They have a wide variety of very comfortable sandals.

  2. doesitevenmatter3 says:

    Many :-)’s in this post! 🙂

    Love your title! 🙂

    Hope your kids enjoy their last few weeks of summer vacation. The summer has flown by!

    I remember some of my favorite flip-flops as a kid. (Sometimes they were called “thongs” then. That word has a whole other meaning today. :-O)

    HUGS!!! 🙂

    • Hevel says:

      In Hungarian they are called Vietnamese slippers. 🙂

      This summer, again, just flew away. 🙁 I don’t want my kids back in school yet.

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