I'm so glad school is starting


I’m glad school is starting back up. Structure will be back in our lives, and there will be moments of peace and quiet in my life. Between teaching, going to school, taking kids to activities and frequent doctor’s appointments there won’t be many, but we won’t all have to spend every waking moment together.

I am so happy that school is here, it’s a return to peace and quiet. My body needs the break as this summer has proved: I’m too old and weak to be able to handle activity and chaos all day, every day.

I’m glad school is starting again, because I will get my adult life back. I get to work, meet other adults, enjoy having that part of my days back. I love my children, and they are a very important part of my life, but they are not the only part of my life. I’m a father, but I’m also Hevel, who has interests that are not shared by my kids… or that I don’t share with them. And you know what? That doesn’t make me love or apreciate or value them any less than those, who love to be with their kids 24/7, who actually need to be with their kids 24/7 to feel like they are good parents… like my SIL (Hi, Meira!), who admits that she only feels validated by raising her kids. She is a wonderful mother. And I’m a pretty good father, if I can trust my kids’ judgement on that.

I’m so glad school is starting and I get my quiet hours back. And that is super important. Why? So when my kids get home, I can be the best parent I am possibly capable of being. That when they are around I’m not grumpy and exhausted, and don’t feel it’s neccesary to hand of the care of my younger children to my older ones, because I’m just already tired from the activity of the whole day. My kids deserve to be parented by their parents, not older siblings, Duggar style. I’m their father, not Yonah or Nirel.

I love, value and adore my children. The most important person in my realtionships is, however, Kevin. We, as the adults, the parents, are the core of the family. The health of our relationship impacts the health of our family a great deal.  Having RAD does impact my ability to bond with my children, and using attachment to their other father does help a great deal.

I’m glad school is starting tomorrow, and I’m sad summer is over. It wasn’t long enough and I missed so much of it because of my health–or really, my lack of it. But you know what’s great? Rosh Hashanah with two days off school is just around the corner… and then over a week of holiday for Sukkot! Chanukah won’t be far behind, either! We are already planning what to do with those times off, but for now I’m happy school is starting tomorrow. And so are my kids.

3 Responses to “I'm so glad school is starting”

  1. doesitevenmatter3 says:

    As a student, I was always glad when school was starting. As a teacher, I was always glad when school was starting.

    As a parent…not as much. I always enjoyed being with my kids in the summer. But you are right…the routine/structure is good for both parent and kids.

    Good luck to all your kids as they begin a new school year!
    HUGS! 🙂

  2. Bozót says:

    Amen 🙂

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