I’d Like a Cup of Coffee, Please


Yesterday one of my boys war surfing online, when he said, “Harel Skaat is appearing tonight at Zappa”, and then quietly added, “and there are still tickets available.”

We got home before 12:30 a.m. Five of us went, and we had a blast. I really need to go and spend money on Harel’s concerts, especially when he does free shows as well. The kids all paid for their own tickets, and Nirel did invite me. Making cakes pays better than he thought. That aside, we got home after midnight on a school night, and then woke around 6 to get ready for school. I was the grumpiest this morning. Because I was grumpy I didn’t make individuale omelets, just a big batch of scrambled eggs. Also no toast, just plain bread and cottage cheese for those who didn’t want eggs.

The last few months Patrik has been going vegetarian. When he said he’d like to try it, we agreed, but he has to plan, and often prepare his own meals. He checks with us to see if he has everything covered. He still eats dairy and eggs, which makes planning easier, especially when the rest of the family eats something that can easily be made meat free. He packs his own snack and lunch, and often helps with the other kids’ lunch preparations. I’m not sure how long he will be vegetarian, maybe for the rest of his life.

One of the reasons why he has to plan his own meals and help prepare them is that he is a lot more crative with vegetarian meal ideas than either Kevin or I. It’s not a punishment or something to make him revert back to eating meat, but something, at age 11, he is perfectly capable of doing and something that he enjoys. When he looks at a zucchini he gets several different ideas about what he’d like to try making from it. When I look at one, all I can think of is “yuck”. This morning he made some smoked flavoured zucchini chips to go with his eggs instead of turkey bacon.

After dropping a few kids off at various bus stops I took the littles and the middles to school. Today was the first real day for all of us, even though the school year began yesterday. Today is the first day of gan for Ezra and Shiri. Many of the kids in the gan only start in the second year, so they were all welcomed with a special little ceremony this morning rather than yesterday. I got to stay, and witness them getting all excited about getting their seats, with their names written on the back, their little lockers and beds. They really enjoy being with other children their age. Kevin will pick them up in about an hour and I can’t wait to hear all they have to say about their day.

Itai started 7th grade, which is quasi middle school. He liked it a lot, and was excited to find out that two of his friends from the summer camp are his new classmates. It worked out perfectly that way! Noya was less happy about her new class, missing some of her old friends, but hopefully in a few more days she will make new friends.

How was my first day teaching? Hard. Parents would make things a lot easier if they actually gave accurate information about their children. Let’s leave it at that. We started working on our first theme of the year, which is summer adventures. Since there are different grade levels in my class, it means different things for the kids. One grade was reading Swallows and Amazons by Arthur Ransome for summer reading, so the work with the book ties in with this first theme. At the end of the two week period, we are going to watch the film adaptation from 1974 for our popcon night.

So we all survived the first day. Piano and choir started again, and fencing is now three times a week, so the twins dropped Krav Maga. It’s okay, they already have the foundations to work with when they decide to start it again, or when they will be taught in the military. Luckily they can take a direct bus from school to fencing and then take one to the point where we usually pick them up, so they can go by themselves. Eli went with them last week once, and he decided he’d like to try fencing as well. Just to make it more fun, he decided on the third weapon. 🙂 Luckily classes are at the same time for beginners in all three weapons!

We are doing homework now, and I’m desperately trying to stay awake. Can someone please brew some strong coffee?

So how was your day?

19 Responses to “I’d Like a Cup of Coffee, Please”

  1. Ciska says:

    Crazy! Now that I’ve read this post, it’s harder to understand that the holidays are busier than the school days …

    • Hevel says:

      I think there was a point when it was true for us. Holidays were always full of activity and travel. Now our school days are full as well!

  2. Andi says:

    Patrik honnan vette, hogy vegetáriánus akar lenni??? :O

  3. doesitevenmatter3 says:

    I loved reading this! It made me smile! Brought back memories of when I was teaching…when my kids were younger and still in school…and so much more!

    YAY on the concert you all went to!!! 🙂

    And YAY on back to the busy-ness and after-school fun! 🙂

    I love zucchini! I grow it in my garden! One of the recipes I made up is…saute some sliced zucchini and onions in butter/margarine….when to your liking, add some frozen or fresh corn. When that’s all cooked to your liking, slice some fresh tomatoes on top! Man is that ever yummy!!! 🙂 You can add any other veggies you want to. And you can put it in a casserole dish with some bread crumbs or cheese on top.

    HUGS! 🙂

    • Hevel says:

      Now, zucchini to my liking is about 2000 km away. 😉 I’ll pass your recipe onto Patrik!

      I hope the excitement carries over to the rest of the year, I’m already exhausted!

  4. Annie says:

    That sounds pretty intense for someone who has been recuperating for these last weeks. Please take it easy! Frozen waffles? Even scrambled eggs sounds intense.

    • Hevel says:

      The good thing is that I only work three days, and then have uni the other three, but uni is not starting for another 6 weeks! So I get some quiet time to rest and continue to build my strength back up.

      I have never served frozen waffles for breakfast. So not a breakfast food for us. 🙂 Today Kevin picked up fresh pastry during his morning run, and we had that with chocolate milk. Heavenly.

  5. De says:

    Sounds busy and crazy and fun…just like I like it ~Smile~

    My brother is also ovo-lacto vegetarian and has been for over 20 years. Does Patrik like pasta? He could make all kinds of cold pasta salads with fresh veggies, cheeses and his favorite dressing. They pack well and don’t have to be heated. Also, veggie sandwiches are good…just pack veggies and bread separate until lunch time to keep the bread from getting soggy.

    What grades do you teach?

    • Hevel says:

      I teach part time in a 5th-7th mixed grade class. I teach humanities and related subjects in English in a bilingual school. I also teach a weekly religion class to the handful of Christian students at the school, as there are no Christian teachers this year: our Mennonite music teacher is on maternity leave. 🙂

      Patrik likes pasta, he doesn’t like cooking it though. He usually has pasta when the rest of the family eat that, too, and then makes his own creations.

  6. Bozót says:

    Hű, mozgalmas! 😀

    A csajokkal felfalt tarjától eltekintve, én sem ettem húst egy ideje. De csak mert nem kívánom se az ízét, se a főzéssel járó macerát 😛 Gyümölcsön, cukkinin, padlizsánon, paradicsomon és sajton tök jól lehet élni 😀 Egyetlen bűnöm a reggeli kávé, sok tejjel, mézzel (és most épp habbal, mert kaptam valakitől :D)

    • Hevel says:

      De Bozót, rólad tudjuk, hogy fura vagy. 🙂 Meg különben is, húst télen eszik a természet közeli ember, nem? Nyáron annyi minden más van. Persze ezzel a mentalitással én éhen halnék. 🙂

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