My home made pickles


I make pickles at home. I pickle cucumbers, “cherry” and “apple” peppers (no idea what they are called in English), garlic, jalapenos, cauliflowers and green tomatoes. Sometimes baby melons. Or bell pepper stuffed will cabbage. Usually I go with a simple recipe that involves sugar, vinegar, spices and boiling water, some Sodium Benzoate (not for all recipes). I prefer to use veggies I grow at home, but of course my garden isn’t big enough to produce the veggies for all our pickle needs.

Some of the pickles from last summer’s pickling season.

Those are some vinegar pickled hot peppers and some kosher dill pickles. They are amazing with grilled meats, non-dairy stews and stew based risottos, with sausages or in our hamburgers. Pickled cauliflowers are a family favourite. The cucumbers are also great in tuna salads.

This year I’m not in the best physical shape to handle heavy pots with boiling water, but I’m planning on utilizing my teens’ strength. I am, however, looking for new recipes. What recipe do you use for your pickles? What other things do you can at home? Care to share your trusted and tried recipes?

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  1. Andi says:

    Anyának van egy hordós receptje.
    Az nagy mennyiség, de ha érdekel,levadászom tőle!

  2. De says:

    I am successfully growing cukes for the 1st time and have tons of flowers on the 4 plants. I know I will need a simple pickling recipe for a 1st timer.

    • Hevel says:

      Mine is 2 kg of cucumbers washed, 2.5 l water, 200 ml 20% vinegar, 3 tablespoon salt, 3-5 tablespoon sugar, dill, preservative of your choice (this one doesn’t involve boiling), follow the instructions for that. For the jars: 10 mustard seeds, 10 whole black peppers, 10 coriander seeds and 3-4 bay leaves each. Mix the water, vinegar, salt, sugar and preservative. let it stand. Put spices and cleaned cucumbers in teh jars. I usually add a few garlic cloves (whole) as well. Fill with the liquid mixed.Put lid on tightly, and let it stand covered in a kitchen towel overnight. Store in a cool, dry place. 😀

      The original recipe is from here: http://www.nosalty.hu/recept/hideg-csemege-uborka, and no copyright infringement was intended.

    • Ágó says:

      Hevel’s recipe below also works for bell peppers, or round, hot peppers, without the dill. Or garlic by itself. Use tartaric acid for the best result with this rescipe, though Sodium Benzoate is fine as well.

  3. M says:

    Hi Hevel,

    I am an mwop reader and hadnt before realized you had a blog. I just noticed today and I enjoyed browsing. So I thought I would say Hi! I feel a bit of a connection to you, as I am also gay, and my girlfriend is currently in Israel (distance blows!). I dont know where you and your family live, but she is currently in Herzilya, but is usually in, and works, in Jerusalem. Anyway, I just thought I would say hello.


  4. Nora says:

    Found your pickle blog!!! Now, to sift and sort and and find a recipe. 🙂 You’ve given us a great summer project. Do you know who Alton Brown is? He is my foodie crush. I just saw an episode of Good Eats and he said you can keep the pickle juice, put fresh veggies in, and then they will become pickles? Have you tried this?

    • Hevel says:

      It’s like barrell pickles, I think. I tried them before and am still looking for the perfect recipe. I usually use a 100 liter plastic barrel with the pickle juice and keep filling it. 😀

  5. doesitevenmatter3 says:

    Ooh…your pickled prizes sounnd delicious! 🙂 I’d give them a taste! 🙂

  6. NathanaelV says:

    Hey Hevel,

    I don’t know if you like Kool Aid or have Kool Aid in your area, but if you do enjoy and have access to it, I recommend finding the Kool Aid pickle recipe! Essentially you have pickles that taste a bit briny but also whatever flavor of Kool Aid you add to the mix, last year I made watermelon, blue raspberry and grape pickles, they were very good! 🙂

    Be blessed and continue to bless others,

  7. NathanaelV says:

    Here’s a link http://www.ehow.com/how_5044025_make-koolaid-pickles.html I can’t find the one recipe I used which I made everything from scratch, but essentially this is just adding sugar and a Kool Aid packet to already made aka store-bought pickles, I’d say if you trust your homemade brine and as long as the vinegar part is not overpowering then follow the recipe provided.

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