The last few days several bloggers expressed frustration over the number of visitors vs. number of comments received ratio. Some of these blogs I used to comment on frequently, but I hardly ever received a reply, and never received a comment from the bloggers. I gave up after a while, and while I still read, I stopped commenting.

One of these bloggers is also known to keep comments in moderation, never approving most of them, and he still posts about getting hardly any comments.

I think I still believe that blogs and commenting are all about interaction and discussion: the blog owner should engage just as much in the discussion as s/he expects the commenters to be involved.

Quite a while ago we hosted a commenting virual tea party with Annie. It was not very popular. Maybe I should host a commenting virtual BBQ?

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  1. Galit says:

    I totally agree! I try to always respond promptly to my commenters (few though they are at this point….) even if just to thank them for taking the time. And it is annoying when some bloggers over-moderate. I deleted one comment so far, which was clearly spam (totally off-topic, just a link to some random website). I thought it was great when I got an oppositional comment — it was my best-read post!

    • Hevel says:

      I have moderated a total of 13 comments in the past 4 years.4 were by the same person on a single post, and no, not the RR related one. I also try to respond to most comments!

      Are you going to Serbia to adopt?

  2. Galit says:

    Seriously considering it. Still very early in the process.

  3. doesitevenmatter3 says:

    I always try to reply to comments on my posts. But, I wonder if people remember to come back and check for my replies to their comments. 🙂 I know people are busy.

    I try never to take my readers for granted. They only have so much time in a day…and they have many GOOD bloggers they could be reading. That they sometimes chose my blogs to read baffles me and makes me so appreciative!!!! 🙂 (AS I tend to blog on goofy stuff, like wood.)

    On that other blogsite (:-)) even when I got oodles of comments, I always responded to them. And a few times on that other blogsite (:-)) I started “parties” in other people’s comment sections. One time, I got 4 people to “party” with me, and we left over 300 comments on the persons site! HA! It was fun!!! 😀

    Good post.

  4. De says:

    I very much appreciate my comments and those who leave them. I know my blog is not very exciting. I do try to answer if a question is asked. I have to admit that I often fear that my comment will not be read in the tone intended (sometimes I think I am pretty funny LOL!) and don’t want to offend anyone. I very much like that fact that you can respond to my comments on your blog. Blogger does not offer that. I am trying to comment more as I know what comments mean to me.


    • Hevel says:

      Before WordPress implemented threaded comments, and on Blogger I usednto use Disqus. It is relatively easy to install and doesna great job with email responses and such.

      Ten years ago I started blogging on LiveJournal clones, and that platform still has the best comment handling of all the sites, with Xanga right behind.

  5. Well, oddly enough I realized that, for all the times you’ve commented on my blog, I’d never even visited yours. Pathetic, I know. So here I am, saying hi, and thanking you for commenting!

    I think I’m going to refer my husband to your blog. We met on a college trip to Israel, and I think he’d enjoy the culture aspect of your blog!

    • Hevel says:

      Oh, you stopped by once when I still blogged on Blogger! 🙂 How are you liking the summer? I think you mentioned before that you met in Israel. What area?

  6. Summer is going well. Hot, of course, but that’s just expected here in the desert!

    Our Israel trip was through the Bible college we attended. We stayed in Jerusalem (Ramat Rachel) most of the time, as well as a few nights in Tiberius. We visited lots of sites, as we were there for almost 3 weeks, I think. Josh actually went on that same trip two years in a row and always says that if he hadn’t met me, he’s have moved to Israel to live on kibbutz!

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