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Once again, from Jen’s page. Click the image to read more Quick Takes.

  1. Kócos, a small bottle of kosher cola, had some adventures in Budapest. Follow him on Instagram!
    [instapress userid=”kocoskola” piccount=”14″ size=”150″ effect=”0″ paging=”1″]
    He went to some of my favorite places: The Dohány and Rumbach synagogues, Wikinger, where the best burgers in the city can be found, GouBa, the Sunday market at the Gozsdu Court, Starbucks and elsewhere. Seems like he had fun!
  2. So, I’m home at last. Incision is healing nicely, I can  take showers and soon, hopefully I can hop in the pool/sea with the kids in a few weeks. What bothers me is the not driving part of recovery. That and the no swimming.
  3. We had our old neighbours over for home made hamburgers! Crazy Christian Neighbour and Mrs. Crazy Christian Neighbour came over and he had a rainbow fauxhawk! You see why they are the Crazy Christian Neighbours as opposed to the Quiet Christian Neighbours (who will meet us for a picnic next week)?It was a pretty nice dinner. I baked the buns, and we used home made pickles, ketchup and mustard. Yes, mustard. Bella and Nirel made some a few weeks ago. It was very tasty. The tomatoes and lettuce were store bought.
  4. I started to teach Ezra and Shiri to read.
  5. I just talked to the crowd in the States now. They are having a blast! Grandpa Steiner is teaching them how to surf! They are also heading to SeaWorld on Tuesday, I think. They still have 13 days to enjoy the States.
  6. No progress on baby Harel’s passport situation, so he will be staying with me while Bella and Kevin attend the wedding in Russia. Because of time constraints, however, Kevin decided to cancel the week-long trip to Hungary with some of the kids. We might just visit great-grandma all together in Eilat instead. I’m really hating this early start of the school year!
  7. Shabbat Shalom!

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  1. jen says:

    From what is the incision?

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