7 Quick Takes Friday


— 1 —

Derren Brown and James Randi. And now Louis Theroux. I finally found a whole lot of his documentaries on YouTube. Like Randi and Brown he is not a believer. I just watched his two docus on the Westboro Baptist Church. Seriously. Watch it. My anger towards them is partially replaced by deep deep sorrow. What a joyless life they must lead.

— 2 —

I got this beauty from Andi!

So very beautiful! Thank you so very much!

— 3 —

We watched season 2 of “The Borgias” last weekend and Sunday. I love to see familiar places in that show. I especially like how they edited out most of the Vajdahunyad castle area of the city park to just get the church area to be the monastery where that cardinal recovered. I also saw some familiar faces among the extras. Yay for filming it in Hungary!

— 4 —

I already see that 3 out of 7 takes will be about “The Borgias”. I love that show, I love how they recreated the whole era, and I can overlook most of the dramatization and inaccuracies, but what they did to Savonarola’s story hurt.

The whole trial by fire was suggested by a (I think Franciscan) preacher, not Cesare. There was some other person who volunteered to  be proxy for the good friar Savonarola, but the trial never happened, because it was rained out. Savonarola was eventually hanged and only after that was he burned. In Florence, if I remember correctly. Not Rome. And I don’t think the pope was there, but I’ll have to re-read my books on him. You see, Savonarola is one of the most intriguing characters of the era!

— 5 —

I absolutely prefer Alexander VI to Benedict XVI. Seriously, he loved his children. He was the epitome of religious tolerance at the time. Yes, he was also the father of a whole lot of kids, and he loved them. He was the man of his era. And Savonarola was a man of his era, too: a reformer within the Catholic church. He got what reformers within the Catholic church tended to get. Anyway, I am not a pope fanboy, no matter which pope. Though John Paul II was nice. Savonarola, on the other hand, I could have been a fanboy of, kinda.

— 6 —

I didn’t finish the kipot I was referring to on my other blog. I will, though, and I’ll post pictures. I think I’m making a kipah holding box with the awesome stuff I got from other friends along with the above mentioned box.

— 7 —

Shabbat Shalom!

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8 Responses to “7 Quick Takes Friday”

  1. Andi says:

    Cuppcupp! 🙂
    Tegyél bele sok apró kis kincsecskét! 😉

  2. Andi says:

    Muszáj lesz a kényszerpihenőd alatt elütni valami hasznossal az időt! 😉
    Kell a GouBás asztalra sok kis szőrös izé! 😀

  3. jen says:

    #6: I was surprised at how saddened I was at the death of JPII. I think it was because he was the only Pope I’d known and he actually made an effort to reach out to Protestants and others. He made the Church accessible. B16, not so much.

    • Hevel says:

      Yes, exactly! He was all about the gathering of the saints, no matter which church they were in. He was also about love and raising the youth well. I quite liked him as far as religious authority goes.

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